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Sep 19, 2001 10:25 PM

Cliff House

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Has anyone been lately, or at all? Any recommendations? I think it's open from breakfast right through lunch and into dinner. It's on Culver Blvd. in Playa Del Rey on the left just before you come to the light at Vista Del Mar.

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  1. The place is pleasant and quirky, but the food is strictly coffee shop.

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    1. re: Richard Foss

      Richard, thanks for the update. Measured against other coffee shop food is it worth going for? For instance we just went to Nichols in MDR again recently, and I put that up as pretty fair coffee shop food that, when I'm in the mood for coffee shop dining, is a place that I will seek out. Any further guidance gratefully accepted.

      1. re: Mike Kilgore

        I go back occasionally, and when I order simple items I get entirely decent but unmemorable food. The burgers and catch-of-the-day are good, as are the breakfasts. If you go with that in mind, you won't be disappointted.

        1. re: Richard Foss

          This joint just went under new management and they are attempting some sort of French theme. This is very bad. Four of us went to lunch today. There was only a half dozen other patrons but the service was lousy. The hamburger with chili was just hamburger with ground meat on top...deja vu!! Roast lamb sandwich was OK once you got by the lamb. The breast of chicken was OK, I mean how could you screw that up. Well, I guess you can...they served it very dry. When asked, congealed mayonaise was brought out. Yummy!!! I had a "Croque Madame" (turkey and swiss) with the worst turkey loaf ever..and I hope the swiss was really brie because it was runny. I ordered cole slaw which took the waitress 10 minutes to figure out they had none. Sorry to say but that is the last visit ever to that hole. Adios!!!