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Jan 29, 2008 10:41 AM

Hole-In-The-Wall Spots in Richmond, VA

Hi, I'm looking for some suggestions on hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Richmond, Va. Skip the well-known like Can Can and the heavily written about tiny spots like La Milpa. Any other suggestions? American or ethnic suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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  1. I'm not sure what you consider hole-in-the-wall, since you mention Can-Can by name and I don't think it could be considered as such at all....

    Kabab Grille behind Chesterfield Town Center (beside Hops restaurant, in front of Dick's and Lowe's). My main complaints -- they keep that place cold! and they use pre-cut lettuce for their salads. It certainly doesn't count as fine dining - food is served on styrofoam plates with plastic utensils - but it seems to be consistently good.

    I prefer Vietnam 1 on Broad Street over some of the other Vietnamese restauarants in town.

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      Thanks for the hint! I like Vietnam 1 too. Wasn't trying to imply that Can Can's a hole, just that I'm interested in little spots, not the big guns that Richmonders always seem to post about on here.

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        For a cheesesteak, I recommend The Forest on Forest Hill Ave. I also believe Grapeleaf at the Village Shopping Center (Parham and Patterson) is an unsung hero....very good Lebanese food.

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        They have really awesome lamb kabobs there at Kabab Grille.

        Kabab Grille
        1580 W Koger Center Dr, Richmond, VA 23235

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          I've been meaning to try that place. I'll have to check it out!

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            And Kabab Grill actually has real plates and silverware now! (unless you order the buffet, I think... I never do).

            Still mourning the loss of Leila and Marwan and Grapeleaf....If only I could turn back time.,,

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              We are still morning the loss of Grapeleaf as well :-(

      3. I no longer live in Richmond so I don't know how well known this place is but I always loved Ipanema (interesting people, good food with mostly vegetarian options). When I have visited I have found this place to still be good. I hope this helps and isn't redundant with what you have heard.

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          Another good Vietnamese option (and close to Vietnam 1) is Pho So 1, just behind Full Kee off of Horsepen. I also really like the sandwiches at Coppola's in Carytown. And the Hill Cafe in Church Hill is good as well.

          Smaller places? Tortilleria San Luis on Quioccass is tiny and is mainly take out only although they have a table or two but it's only counter service. Good tacos and gorditas (not like the ones you get a Taco Bell either). They make their own tortillas daily.

          And for good Middle Eastern food, definitely go to Ceders on Seventh downtown. Great stuff!

          1. re: hopkid

            Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll have to check out Tortilleria San Luis and some of the others : )

        2. Croaker Spot is one of my favorite "small" places, Athens Taverna is a good hole-in-the-wall, Kabab Grille is good but lacking in atmosphere and utensils, 3rd Street & 4th Street Diners both serious hole's. Vietnam 1 my fav for a big bowl of Pho - less of a hole than it use to be.

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            The Croaker's Spot on Leigh is now closed. Mary Angela's in Carytown has great pizza and Benny's in Strarford Hills does wonderful BBQ.

          2. I've tried every Pho spot in Richmond, and hands down Pho-Tay located behind Pho 1 on Rigsby Rd is by far the best. Their broth is unbelievable, and the fresh ingredients they utilize are excellent. Look for the little ramshackle house with the Pho-Tay sign. it is operated by the most beautiful family. You will be addicted. Most other Pho places have bland broth, but Pho-Tay is amazing.

            1. 821 Cafe (sorry if you considered this a "heavily written about" hole-in-the-wall, but I feel the character of this establishment perfectly defines the term Hole-in-the-wall.)

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                I totally agree! It's a place I drive by all the time, but I've never gone in. What's best to order?