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Jan 29, 2008 10:40 AM

Hard Shell Tacos & Bean & Cheese Burritos in Huntington Beach?

Anyone know where I can find good hard shell tacos and/or bean and cheese burritos in the Huntington Beach area? I've been spoiled by so many places in the SGV and now hoping to find some gems in HB. Thanks in advance!

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  1. SuperMex (PCH & Warner)
    Taco Surf (on PCH in Sunset Beach)
    Cantamar (Bolsa Chica & Warner, behind the KFC)

    1. I like the hard shell tacos at George's Mexican Food on Edinger, in between goldwest and edwards. It's a little drive-thru/fast food place. Haven't tried their burritos though.

      George's Mexican Food
      6581 Edinger Ave
      Huntington Beach, CA 92647

      Azteca's also has some nice hard shell tacos, they have a couple locations in Huntington Beach.

      For more info on other mexican places, you should check out ChristianZ's blog, it covers all of OC, but there are lots of reviews for places in Huntington Beach:

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        I second George's for the hard shell tacos. I've been eating there forever and like their shredded beef tacos where the meat is fried with the tortilla, not ground beef stuffed in a taco shell. You can also try Las Barcas on Beach & Atlanta. They're decent, but I think a little pricey at $2.85 each.

      2. Chronic Cantina and Fiesta Grill both have both.