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Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

Best Italian Cuisine in Town

Where can I find it? I just moved here in November from VA. I'm sure as big as this city is, there's plenty of places to choose from, but which would you suggest?

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  1. Il Forno ((NOT IL FORNIAO!!!))

    Located at 2901 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405 (on the east side of santa monica). (310) 450-1241.

    GREAT FOOD! Lunch specials for $6 flat ($5 until Feb. 1st... get 'em while they're still $5) that are to die for. Go online for menu and reviews:

    Let me know what you think!!!

    Another place, more for atmosphere and killer garlic knots than pasta (or cuisine, if you will), would be the C&O Trattoria on Washington Blvd. Just take Washington ALL the way down to the ocean, in Venice. There lies the adorable and fun C&O.

    1. Osteria Mozza
      Pizzeria Mozza
      Via Veneto
      La Botte

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        I second Via Veneto.

        For everday (more affordable) Italian, I like La Vecchia Cucina and Caffe Pinguini.

      2. Osteria Mozza, Pizzeria Mozza, La Botte, Vincenti, Amarone Kitchen & Wine, Madeo. Yum I am hungry just thinking of all the meals I had there!

        1. Do you like northern or southern? Real traditional italian or cal-ital fusion?

          Checkered tablecloth and red sauce italain or actual Italian from Italy?

          I like Il Tiramisu, Gio, Angeli Caffe. I hear BElla Roma SPQR is good, too. I liked Mozza's food but not the price nor pretention.

          1. Madeo and La Terza are great. Havent been to Mozza yet. Further west, I would add Giorgio Baldi's (if you can deal with the baggage there), Il Carpaccio in the Palisades and and Piccolo on Venice Beach to the other good recommendations above. And for a good value, I would add Il Moro in West LA.