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Jan 29, 2008 09:54 AM

Any Sushi buffet or all you can eat in Manhattan?

I'm looking for places in Manhattan that have a sushi buffet or all you can eat.
Please don't point me out to chinese buffets that serve california rolls on the side. I'm asking about a good japanese sushi place.

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  1. yuka in on the upper east side. $19 and pretty good quality considering the price and the fact that it's all you can eat. 2nd and 81st, something like that. there are buffet places like todai which will have sushi included with the buffet, but pretty sure yuka will be more to your liking. with the price as it is, the place can get pretty crowded though, not exactly a warehouse sized joint either

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      I second Yuka ... my favorite AYCE sushi. There's another place called Sounkyo on 51st and 1st, where the quality of the sushi is not as good as Yuka. But, in addition to the AYCE sushi, they also have all you can drink Sake / Beer (Sapporo) / Wine. I believe it is $20 for AYCE sushi and $15 for the AYCD. But beware, it's more like a frathouse than a restaurant with all the alcohol going around.

    2. Also try Minado on 32'nd street. The original is in Jersey but the smaller branch in the city is still quite good.It's not morimoto but the sushi is quite good.

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          is it really the new todai, as in name change, cause I know I went to a todai around there and now can't find where it is. did the name change to minado? or was that a metaphor?

      1. Kikos on the UWS at 72nd & Broadway is all you can eat. It's being remodled right now but it's pretty good.

        1. I was going to say Yuka as well. It's a little whole in the wall, very small, but excellent sushi. They have all you can eat, though you are limited in what you can order and you must eat everything or they charge you. Worth it for the fresh sushi though. Give it a try!

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            Another vote in favor of Yuka on the upper east side. This sushi restaurant has been there for years and the all you can eat sushi for under $20 is hard to beat. Quality is pretty good too.

          2. I really like Ashiya in the East Village: . They have a $24.95 all you can eat special with a glass of sake or a $29.95 all you can eat, all you can drink special. I recommend the white tuna pieces and the spicy yellowtail crunch roll.