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Jan 29, 2008 09:53 AM

2117? Violet? AXE? Something creative?

I'm curious if anyone has been to 2117 restaurant (on Sawtelle) recently. I went several years ago and thought it was exceptional. Have there been any recent changes?

Along that vein, any recommendations for smaller, creative restaurants similar to 2117? I'm thinking of something along the lines of Orris, Violet, AXE or the like (I just went to Orris, though, so it's out - but so damned good!!).

I'm open to anything between silverlake and the ocean.

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  1. Along the lines of Violet, you should try Nook if you haven't already. And if you liked Orris, you should definitely try Bar Hayama up the street.

    1. Since you are willing to look beyond the Westside, have you been to Lou? Or Canele?(just a few blocks past Silver Lake).

      3219 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

      Lou on Vine
      724 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90038

      1. Have you tried Mako in Beverly Hills on south Beverly Drive - amazing food in a smallish setting. Mako is formerly head chef at Chinois for many years and has been here for around 7 or so years.
        15 in Echo Park, maybe, or Bar PintXO in Santa Monica.

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          Hi Carter, with all due respect, I don't feel like there's anything creative going on at 15. It's a perfectly respectable place, but I can't think of one thing I'm interested in returning for, and I live five minutes away.

        2. I was just at Orris on Sunday!

          Violet is quite similar, slightly higher prices, not as good service, but the food is decent, possibly a slight edge over Orris.

          1. Some of these are less "creative" than others but since you clearly enjoy Aisan influenced food, I am going to focus on the smaller/intimate/interesting more heavily, though I have one shocker. Also, I am ignoring whether these places get good reviews or bad, I have had fun and interesting, if not good or great, meals at all of them.

            Three on Fourth--word is they are getting better and better at refining their Europe, America, Aisa blend and service has stepped up as well. I, have always enjoyed it, but not everyone agrees.

            Musha--if you like Orris and 2117, I suspect you'll like Musha. Not particularly "creative" in that it is trying to be a traditional Japanese "pub," but everyone I know who likes Orris also likes Musha. Santa Monica or Torrance--take your pick.

            Beacon--Cramped and loud, but right up your alley in terms of fusion. Chef Matsusaka's reputation was solidified at Chinois (also of ZenZero and Barfly) and his blend of Europe, California and Aisa is fun. Culver City at the Helm's Bakery. I like this place more than the average person becuase cramped and loud doesn't bother me.

            And will I do it....maybe.....okay. Yes. Hidden. There I said it. Not always good food. Not always good service. I will get flamed like a side of meat at a churrascaria for this--but I like the place. They are nothing if not creative. It may be "crazy" creative, and it isn't always with the food per se, just the array of possibilities...but does it work? Well, frankly, it does for me, but I don't go on weekends and I go early. I sit and the bar outside and nosh for a few hours over drinks. It isn't small or cozy. BUT, it is fun to sort through the crazy menu and pick things you'd never have, one after each other, at any other place. If you avoid the landmines on the menu, which I've always thought were as obvious as Batali's orange crocs, you'll at least eat fun. If you calibrate yourself beforehand to the kind of place it is, its even better. There, I did it. And sometimes I watch "The Girls Next Door" too. Hah!

            Opus--surprised no one has mentioned it yet. Not nearly as much Aisan influence and maybe not cozy, but like Musha, everyone I know who likes Orris also likes Opus.

            Luna Park--Okay, again, I am starting to sizzle already due to the heat, but it is small and fun and, I think, has yummy food. Like with Beacon, it is loud and cramped. The menu is all over the place but when I think of small, fun places like Orris and Violet, for me at least, Luna Park also crosses my radar. Not as food forward as those places, nor as fusiony, but it is small. So it's got that going for it. And the cocktails are great.

            I'd write about Nook if it hadn't already been mentioned.

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              Not sure Opus still qualifies, unless others chime in on the positive changes since Centeno left the kitchen with no chef of his stature running the place. You might want to recheck into this place for us all.

              1. re: ellaystingray

                Fantastic reccomendations. I have alot to work with here. Going in a different tangent...any thoughts on Tasca?