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Jan 29, 2008 09:44 AM

Seafood Tower and Champagne...

On my other thread, somebody replied that AquaGrill would be a great place to spend the afternoon having a seafood tower and a bottle of champagne. That sounds like a great idea. That's actually how we spent the afternoon after our wedding. Great memory! But anyway, after searching AquaGrill on the board, it seems that the reviews are mixed, so where would you suggest we go to get a great seafood tower/raw bar. Also, I would really like it to have a great champagne selection. This can be a splurge meal, so price really isn't my first priority. My ideal place would be somewhere that is a little romantic, great people-watching, maybe a view or great decor, but above all else great food and champagne. We'll probably do it as a late lunch Friday, Saturday or Tuesday, if that matters.


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  1. I'm a fan of the plateau de fruits de mer at Balthazar - can't speak to their champagne selection. A lot of people find the place touristy - but that doesn't bother me. The oysters are wonderful at AquaGrill, but I always find the service a bit off.

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      We were planning on trying Balthazar anyway, so maybe we'll make one trip. I'll have to try and see if I can find out about their champagne selection. I'm a Champagne fan, so that is very important to me.

      1. re: MMRuth

        Balthazar, especially for a late lunch, and there are some thirty champagnes on their list.

        1. re: Wilfrid

          Thanks! I just found their wine list. Looks good. I think Balthazar wins already. I wanted to go anyway, so this just seems perfect! Now, if I could only figure out where it is. I need a huge map pinned to my wall, so I can plot my meals! HA!

          1. re: KateMW

            Here are the links to places, which also provide a map. You could then wander over to Kee's for some wonderful chocolate.

            Kee's Chocolates
            80 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012

            80 Spring St, New York, NY 10012

          2. re: Wilfrid

            Artisinal has one, it looked pretty good, but I did not get it, so I can't comment on the quality.

          3. re: MMRuth

            Checked their wine list and their champagne selections look good. There are a couple of great bottles. Thanks for the suggestion.

            I edited my response, since I've looked over the list again and had missed a whole column the first time. Oops.

            1. re: guttergourmet

              Thanks GG. I didn't think about searching just seafood platter, I was trying for the individual restaurants. I also want to try Artisanal. So many choices, only 8 days!