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Jan 29, 2008 09:36 AM

Outback Quincy, MA

Ever since moving to Quincy 2 years ago there haven't been a lot of local places that I love to eat at. It is really good for more ethnic foods like indian, chinese, mongolian, etc but my wife likes plain food so it really limits me. However, the local Outback has been great for a consistently good meal at a decent price with gaurenteed parking. Recently(not sure when) the management team has changed and now the food is awful! Even the butter with the bread changed. I would have rather had a McDonalds burger than my steak and the fries were disgusting. Just a heads up to anyone in the area. I wonder if anyone else had the same problem or anyone wants a place to vent about a chain that went down the toilet for them...

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  1. Hey I have to agree with you. A few weeks ago my husband, my sister and myself went there for our normal Saturday lunch and I was totally disgusted with the butter. Suddenly it's garlic flavored and very unsatisfying. However, my macaroni and cheese was delish!!