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Jan 29, 2008 09:30 AM

best reasonable place for tapas/spanish for a group of 6 friday?

hello, i figure this may be hard to accommodate, but i'm hoping not so much. this will be my last dinner in NY before returning to the west coast, so i would like a place that is not too cramped or attitudey. it seems like tapas and wine can get rather pricey tho, and we like to drink, so maybe somewhere where the pitchers are not $25-30. i was looking at spain restaurant (which i think may be better than tapas since theres more people), sala, bar jamon (seems too small, but maybe good for drinks afterwards), etc. btw, some of us have never had tapas, so please help steer us in the right direction! thanks a bunch

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  1. Not sure if they have tapas, but try Oliva on Houston St.

          1. Tia Pol is by far the best choice. With a party of 6 they will take a reservation (only take them for 6 or more). Best tapas in the city and good sangira. Alta is also a good choice, but the food is inconsistent. Oliva, good food, really cramped though, but it's the cheapest of the three. Suba is a great time and they take reservations. A little on the modern side, but the chef is very talented (he is also the chef for Boqueria, but they don't take reservations.

            Try Tia Pol, you won't regret it.

            Good luck.