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best reasonable place for tapas/spanish for a group of 6 friday?

hello, i figure this may be hard to accommodate, but i'm hoping not so much. this will be my last dinner in NY before returning to the west coast, so i would like a place that is not too cramped or attitudey. it seems like tapas and wine can get rather pricey tho, and we like to drink, so maybe somewhere where the pitchers are not $25-30. i was looking at spain restaurant (which i think may be better than tapas since theres more people), sala, bar jamon (seems too small, but maybe good for drinks afterwards), etc. btw, some of us have never had tapas, so please help steer us in the right direction! thanks a bunch

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  1. Not sure if they have tapas, but try Oliva on Houston St.

          1. Tia Pol is by far the best choice. With a party of 6 they will take a reservation (only take them for 6 or more). Best tapas in the city and good sangira. Alta is also a good choice, but the food is inconsistent. Oliva, good food, really cramped though, but it's the cheapest of the three. Suba is a great time and they take reservations. A little on the modern side, but the chef is very talented (he is also the chef for Boqueria, but they don't take reservations.

            Try Tia Pol, you won't regret it.

            Good luck.

            1. Pipa on East 19th street is an option. But Suba on the Lower East Side is great and they take reservations.

              1. thanks for all the recs, and please keep them comin...so i'm looking at suba's menu, but i'm just wondering what one would have to spend to actually not leave feeling hungry, lol (i'd prefer reasonable, but i'm not sure what that is in NY). tia pol sounds good too, and it has gotten lots of good reviews on yelp. is it good for a group tho cuz from the reviews i read it sounds cramped. which wouldn't be that big of a deal if the food + drink make up for it. any recs for a straight up spanish place? i'd appreciate those as well. thanks again

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                  Re the straight tapas spots, totally agree on the Tia Pol call (was just there a few weeks back and the special slow roasted suckling pig was off the charts good). It definitely is small and crowded but worth the effort.

                  Boqueria is another good choice already mentioned. They've got an excellent table in the back right corner that would be great for a party of six (not sure whether they take reservations).

                  Last rec is for a placed called Mercat on Bond Street in Soho. Sent some people here a few weeks back who loved it:


                  Good luck!

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                    I had the tasting menu at Suba with my wife and another couple, It was more than enough food @ $50 per person plus drinks, tip and taxes. We all thought it was a deal especially compared to ordering items from the menu. We really liked the food and the setting.

                  2. I agree that Suba is good, but in my experience there the prices tend to add up pretty quickly, and you end up spending quite a bit to leave there full. They also do not do pitchers of sangria, if I remember correctly.

                    The menu at Alta is really extensive, and thus, as ginsbera noted, a bit inconsistent. Prices are more reasonable than Suba however, and they are very good about accommodating larger groups. Watch out for the sangria at Alta - it's not what you think of (or at least what I think of) when I think of typical sangria.

                    The food at La Nacional is very good and the prices are really reasonable. It is housed in Benevolent Spanish Society, and there is always football on TV in the back room. The front room is a bit more formal, and the place has a much different feel overall than any of the other restaurants mentioned here.

                    Tia Pol is my favorite tapas place in the city. The restaurant is cramped and small, but if you manage to secure a large group reservation you'll be fine because they'll sit you at one of the few larger tables. They have great sangria by the pitcher.

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                      Definitely agree. Tia Pol, if you can get either in the back room or the booth with a reservation provides enough space. Plates are small, but well priced, though specials can be expensive. Suba is a more expensive option. A great place, with great food, but if you're concerned with prices I'd skip it. Boqueria would be great, but they don't take reservations.

                      Enjoy, I'll be going to Tia Pol for my anniversary in a month, it's my girlfriends favorite restaurant. If you do go please order the blistered peppers, their addictive as potato chips.