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Jan 29, 2008 09:26 AM

Recomendations for Lunch in Koreatown

Hey everyone, I was just looking for some good suggestions for lunch in K-town. I have pretty much hit a lot of the Mexican spots (El Parian, El Taurino, King Taco, Taco Razas, Mama's Tamales), and some of the chicken spots (Dino's, Pollo La Brassa), also enjoyed Langers. If anyone has any suggestions for places that serve good, fast, lunch I would enjoy hearing about it and dishes that are good at those places. Also, cheap is good!

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  1. I've heard amazing things about Kyochon's fried chicken, but I don't know if they qualify as fast and they're certainly not cheap. I'm going to try to get there sometime next month.

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    1. re: MeAndroo

      I was thinking about that place but then I heard horror stories about the wait for the food. The chicken does sound good though. Anyone know if its possible to be in and out in less then an hour?

      1. re: Dybno

        I've heard it's possible to call ahead, but haven't tried it myself.

    2. A good neighborhood for eating
      Here are a few:

      Lunch buffet at Makkah Hallal (Fourth and Vermont)
      Guelaguetza (8th St and Olympic locations)
      Papa Cristo's (Pico and Normandie)
      Jeon Ju (bibimbap dol sot at Vermont and Olympic)
      Beverly Soontofu (Vermonat and Olympic)
      Chichen Itza (6th Street, west of Mac Park - not as fast)

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      1. re: sku

        I actually found Jeon Ju to be annoyingly bright and sterile (hope I'm thinking of the right one - sw corner Vermont/Olympic) w/ unremarkable food; Beverly Soontofu maybe for that dish, but not much else to recommend it (and the other things aren't that cheap).

        How about:

        Ddo Soon Ee (Korean, standards)
        6th and Harvard

        Authentic Korean Dumpling
        Irolo/Normandie and 7th

        El Colmao (Cuban - a bit east, toward Downtown)
        2328 W Pico Blvd

        and the big HK Korean supermarket
        124 N. Western Ave.

        1. re: cant talk...eating

          Jeon Ju bright and sterile? Unremarkable food? You're definitely thinking of the wrong place. It's pleasantly dingy, actually, and what they do well - bibimbap, spicy cod stew - they do better than anybody.

          1. re: condiment


            And as to Beverly Soontofu, they have great BBQ Ika.

            Meanwhile, I really don't like Authentic Korean Dumplings; I find their fillings to be sort of blah.

            1. re: condiment

              condiment, have you tried the dolsot bibimbap from Dong Il Jang? Just curious if you could compare theirs with Jeon Ju's. I found JJ's to be just edible.

              1. re: baloney

                Do you meant the dol sot served after Gui or a separate menu item at DIJ?

                If you mean the Gui, I like both. I'd say the kalbi in the JJ is nicer than the gui and holds its flavor better in the dol sot, but the DIJ version is spicier.

                1. re: sku

                  I actually meant the separate, stand-alone dish. And I agree about the spicyness which is a part of why I like DIJ's version more.

                  1. re: baloney

                    But the spiciness reflects nothing more than how much of the chili you mix in - it's kind of self-regulating.

                    1. re: condiment

                      ...and how much kimchi is in the bbb.

                      1. re: sku

                        Well, at DIJ they put in a set amount of kochoojang and there is no kimchi in their version. I've rarely had a dolsot from DIJ that didn't have just the right amount of spice. I just don't get Jeon Ju's dolsot, but to each his/her own.

          2. re: sku

            +1 for jeonju!! the bibimbap is great, and during winter months, their stews really hit the spot-- I especially recommend the cheonggukjang jjigae, I can't remember its English label, but it might be one of the ones labeled "dregs casserole" (that name sticks in my mind) The roe stew (al jjigae) can also be quite comforting. I'm not sure about the speed, but it's pretty reasonable.

            SGD (sogongdong) tofu in the same plaza is a good spot for sundubu. (I like them better than BCD). They can have a line sometimes, but they take your order while you're standing outside, so it's basically timed to be ready by the time you sit down...

            Also @ olympic and vermont, some of the prepared foods at Hannam can be good (you have to be a bit watchful for freshness sometimes, but if you're going at lunchtime, there are many good fresh offerings that can be taken to go)

            I have generally liked madang guksu (869 western) for big bowls of thick noodles (kal guksu) (also a wintertime treat), or for the soymilk noodles (kong guksu) in the summer.

            1. re: kevinucla2000

              What's good there for lunch? I have only ever been for dinner and had the bbq special.

              1. cassell's - burger
                ham hung - bibim naengmyun
                noshi sushi
                myung dong gyo ja - kalgooksoo

                opus now serves lunch. haven't been, though.

                1. try the chinese restaurant on the first floor of k-town plaza (betw. nicole's cafe and art box i believe) it's korean-influenced chinese food and their jja jjang mien is pretty good. (jja jjang mien is kinda like spaghetti but chinese style- for lack of a better description) their water dumplings are pretty decent, too. other than that, most korean places have lunch specials during the week. i esp like cho sun galbi (olympic blvd??), woo rae ok (one in beverly hills, and finally re-opening ktown branch), and a few others which are only in korean. ;p