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Jan 29, 2008 09:20 AM

Family Meal Near Verizon Center

Heading to the Caps game Saturday night with a group of about 12. Planning on arriving in DC about 3PM and wanted to grab a good reasonably priced meal for the group which consists of about 6 kids (ages 6-12) and the kids parents. Prefer something near the verizon center, or alternatively on the metro in close proximity to the arena. Would like to go to a unique DC place as opposed to a chain. Thanks in advance for any and all recommendations.

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  1. might be able to get a reservation for that many at Matchbox.

    Not sure how busy it'd be on a saturday, but it's pizza/bugers/etc, above average (i think it's good), and very kid friendly/reasonable.

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      Matchbox would be my recommendation as well but I would certainly make reservations before hand if at all possible.

      Another place you might want to check out is Jaleo for fun spanish tapas (you will be able to find something for the kids), Acadiana for cajun/new orleans style food, or District Chophouse for steaks and burgers etc. Reservations will be needed for all of these places though.

      1. re: Elyssa

        I would definitely choose Ella's over Matchbox...much more kid-friendly and this is where locals actually go! I don't get why people always suggest Matchbox for every "casual" meal in Chinatown. That place tends to be slow and has bad service. Other places that WOULD be kid friendly would be a number of breweries in the area: Gordon Biersch, Cap City Brewery or Clyde's.

        1. re: Jacey

          Every time I am in Ella's, there are happy children (and adults!) there. It's not uniquely DC, but the staff is very nice, the food is quite acceptable and they definitely welcome children. The price is right, too. It's very close to the Verizon Center. Kanlaya is a nice Thai place (on 6th, I believe...just south of Verizon Center) that can definitely take a party your size.

    2. matchbox can be a bit of a zoo on the weekend although you will be there fairly early; if you can't get a table at matchbox i strongly reccommend ella's, down the street. it has very similar food and in my opinion it is just as good and super kid friendly.

      1. The Green Turtle for soups salads burgers steak subs etc
        Chinatown Express or Eat First for some great chinese food
        Clydes for a little higher end food like the green turtle

        1. Zaytinya is also a good idea for large groups with kids, and mid-afternoon on a Saturday, it should not be a problem getting a table.

          Note that 1-2 hours before game time, ANYTHING walkable from the Verizon Center becomes a complete madhouse. So 5p or 6p for a 7p faceoff. It sounds like you're going to arrive at least an hour or two before that rush, which is a good plan.

          1. Tony Cheng's Mongolian BBQ is a blast for kids and they get to customize their meal. Some say it's a tourist trap, but our kids have many fond memories there. It's steps away from the arena.