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Jan 29, 2008 09:15 AM

Group of 16 Dinner RtE 9

Need a place for a group of 16 that has great food and a large bar area to hang out in after dinner. Prefer natick to Souhboro RTE 9. An help would be great.

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  1. Not super thrilling, but Skipjack can handle that many people. What about that newish steak house in Framingham? There's always Firefly.

    1. I have heard Chef Orient and The Met Club's sister location. Still searching so thanks for the recs.

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        And speaking of the Met Club's sister location, there's also Sel de la Terre in the Mall. They have a large bar area for sure.

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            All apps are $11, entrees $26 and desserts are $8 or 9. It's pretty dependable altho my meal at the mall location wasn't overly thrilling.

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              The Aegean on Route 30 has a good and varied menu....not just Greek food and good drinks too. They handle large groups well and have a large comfortable bar area for after dinner.

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                Are you referring to the Met Bar & Grill or to Sel de la Terre?

        1. You have just one good option: Sel de la Terre in natick

          1. Check out Tomasso's in Southboro, they have a private dining room and a nice bar area.

            1. What about John Harvard's? I think the food at the Framingham location is pretty good, and it definitely has a good bar area for hanging out in. They can easily handle a group that large.

              Sel de la Terre could handle a group like that for dining, but the bar is way too small for 16 people to hang out comfortably. they use those tables in the bar area for seating, so you really can't hang there.

              I don't know if it suits your crowd, but you could consider Samba. The dining would be Japanese hibachi tables, and they also have a pretty nice bar.