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Listing of corkage free places in LA

I am working on a list for my blog of corkage free restaurants in Los Angeles...

Can I get some help? I'll credit you in the article if you want! Just leave your name and location in your response!

Here are some I can think of:

Cobras & Matadors
Osteria La Buca? They told me there was a corkage, but they didn't charge me?

Or other restaurants with a corkage of less then $5?

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  1. Colori Kitchen in DT LA $0.00 corkage fee
    Former chef of Ca'Brea
    Amazing Itlaian food, dinner served Thursday - Sat.
    Open for lunch Mon - Friday

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      2nded, awesome. I love their spaghetti/meatballs. Very unique sauce imho

    2. I believe La Buca has changed their corkage policy to $18.

      1. Bella Roma SPQR, corkage $4.00

          1. Fritto Misto - $4
            Providence - Monday night no corkage
            Angelini Osteria - if you buy a bottle, you can open a bottle for no corkage (does this count?)

            1. Rahel Veggie Cuisine
              Follow Your Heart Cafe
              Cafe Bizou less than $5 ($2-$3)

              1. 25 Degrees (Hollywood) - no corkage fee
                Bread & Porridge (Santa Monica) - no corkage fee
                Bandera/Houstons/Gulfstream - no corkage fee
                Puran's - BYOB, no corkage fee
                Roll House Sushi (Santa Monica) - BYOB, no corkage fee
                Cube - BYOB, no corkage fee
                Cobras and Matadors (WeHo) - BYOB, no corkage fee
                Girasole (Larchmont) - BYOB, no corkage fee
                The Kitchen (Silverlake) - BYOB, no corkage fee
                Mao's Kitchen (Venice and Weho) - no corkage fee
                Metro Cafe (Culver City) - no corkage fee
                Cafe du Village (Larchmont) - no corkage fee
                Larkin's (Eagle Rock) - BYOB, no corkage fee
                Pitfire Pizza - no corkage fee
                Angelini Osteria (WeHo) - if you buy one bottle, no corkage fee
                Melrose Bar & Grill (Beverly Hills) - if you buy one bottle, no corkage fee
                Josie's (Santa Monica) - no corkage fee on Mondays
                Providence - no corkage fee on Mondays
                Matteo's (Westwood) - no corkage fee on Sundays
                Fritto Misto (Santa Monica & Manhattan Beach) - BYOB, $4
                Elf Cafe (Echo Park)- BYOB, $5
                Food Court LA - (WeHo) - $5
                Cafe Bella Roma (West LA) - $4
                Gingergrass (Silverlake) - $8
                A Votre Sante (Brentwood) - $8
                Pizzicotto (Brentwood) - $8
                Prado (Larchmont) - $8
                Border Grill (Santa Monica) - $8
                Vivoli Cafe (WeHo) - $10
                Brunello Trattoria (Culver City) - $10
                Osteria Latini (Hollywood) - $12
                Le Petit Greek (Larchmont) - $12
                Amarone (Sunset) - $15
                Il Carpaccio (Pacific Palisades) - $15
                Sushi Mon - $15
                Taste - half off all bottles on Mondays
                Boa (Santa Monica & WeHo) - half off all bottles on Sundays

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                      Awesome! Adding Boneyard Bistro: No corkage Thurdays. Tuesdays and Wednesdays half off many bottles on their list.

                      1. re: la tache burger

                        Boneyard? Awesome, I recently went for their half off deal. Although, you end up paying closer to retail. Which is still nice.

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                        Nice list, here are 2 more:

                        Soliel - French - Westwood ~ $5.00 corkage (oops, 1 penny too much).

                        Black Sheep Bistro - French/Spanish Mediterreanan - Tustin
                        $0.00 corkage, & you "can" rent their big wine glasses at $4.00 per or by definition bring your own and pay zero (scroll to bottom - in red):

                      3. INGREDIENTS
                        in North Glendale/Montrose
                        BYOB-no corkage

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                        1. re: tatertotsrock

                          brownstone pizza. right next door to colorado wine company.

                          1. re: sarahjane

                            Colorado Wine Company has a corkage list for the area, they say they are going to update it sometime soon..

                          1. Is Cube more "dinner-like" at night? Candles, low lights? Or still kind of cafeteria-ish?

                            1. Houston's , Gulfstream, R&D, and most Asian Restaurants have ZERO Corkage.