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Jan 29, 2008 09:07 AM

Tourtiere in Montreal

Any suggestions for authentic tortiere (not too expensive) near downtown Montreal?

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  1. Hiya, first of all, just so you know I think it's spelled "tourtière" (this will help for searches)

    I'd suggest trying:

    Ma'am Bolduc - funky, cozy decor, friendly service, amazing sugar pie (tarte au sucre)
    4351, avenue de Lorimier 514-527-3884

    La Binerie Mont-Royal - lunch-counter type place, many other traditional hearty Québécois dishes like fèves au lard (baked beans with pork fat) and cretons
    367 av. Mont-Royal Est 514-285-9078

    Both are inexpensive.

    Neither is in the heart of downtown, but definitely worth the trip if you're from out of town!

    1. i got a tourtiere from a butcher at Marche Atwater and it was good. the butcher had the word brothers in the name, so, the brothers, two brothers or les freres.. don't remember. second floor, in the middle...

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