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Jan 29, 2008 08:39 AM

Flaming Torch?

My husband and I had a conversation last night about French restaraunts in New Orleans, and Flaming Torch came up. We have yet to dine here and were wondering if anyone could review this restaurant for us. If anyone has been but would not reccomend this as an option, please suggest which other restaurant(s) you would suggest instead for french cuisine.


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  1. While I have not been to Flaming Torch, I have been to Cote d'sud, but it's has been quite some time and I don not even know if it is still open. I do recall it being a very good experience and the have great mussels.

    1. i liked Flaming Torch quite a bit. I had the coq au vin, and while the gravy/broth was thicker than I would make it, the flavor and overall dish were very good. Service and atmosphere were excellent. I remember it being more pricey than I'd expected, but I don't recall what the price range was. It wasn't out of hand. I would second Cote Sud and I'd also recommend La Crepe Nanou.

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        Went to the Torch just after it had opened for a valentine's day shenanigan. The food was better than average in a city full of french food spanning the spectrum between authentic and fusion. My service experience was ghastly, but as a some-time server I tend to conduct a WWBD (what would bob do?) analysis when eating out. The rooms are pretty but I also found it a tad pricey. Stick with Nanou.

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          It's not really that pricey compared to high-end restaurants, but the food is great. The onion soup is fantastic. I have had the coq au vin each time I've dined there, and I've really enjoyed it. Yes, La Crepe Nanou is cheaper, but then again the food there is basically a steal. Either restaurant would be a great choice. I've never been to Cote Sud, so I can't weigh in on that.

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            Cote Sud is pretty delicious, and quite authentic.

      2. Try Chateu du Lac (they just moved to Metairie Rd. from Kenner). It is truly a bistro in the French style.

        1. 2nd on the Chateau du Lac on Metairie Road, it's amazing. Also Bistro at Maison de Ville in the Quarter, is my 2nd favorite French place. It has fois gras that is out of this world!!!

          1. You might want to try Martinique. I have not been to Flaming Torch either but Martinique is somewhat French.Some people I know had a bad waitstaff experience at Martinique, but I have been there probably a dozen or so times and enjoyed it every time including the service. The duck has been good lately. The wine list is very reasonable. The homemade Guiness Ice cream is a treat.

            The only time I didn't enjoy it was at the Sunday Brunch but that was mostly because it is heavy on the meat and I was not in the mood for it that day.

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              I think this is pretty good restaurant and the price isn't too steep. The place is pretty authentic and the waiters are even mostly french, well the one I had anyway. I also think Lillette's is pretty good. Did i spell that correctly?