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Jan 29, 2008 08:39 AM

Need fun "destination" place, 50 miles from Boston

I used to be a member here, but going back to grad school put a crimp in my eating habits... such that I couldn't even find my username anymore.

Anyway, I have an odd situation. My car just had new O2 sensors put in, and it must go through 1 complete "cycle" before it gets inspected... a cycle takes 100 miles, and it needs to be inspected before Friday. I don't normally drive much, and only have one evening free this week. Thus, tomorrow night I need to drive 100 miles. The thought was to pack the boyfriend and myself into the car and head somewhere 50 miles away for dinner (resulting in the needed 100 mile round trip). Not TOO expensive (I did just have to pay the car mechanics bill), but if we're going to drive 50 miles, we might as well go somewhere worth it. We love sushi, and I'm a fan of both quality pubs and New American. Mexican is the only suggestion I would shy away from.

Anyone have recommendations for a good place worth a 100 mile round trip drive from Cambridge on a Wednesday night?

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  1. Providence should be a perfect fit for you, an almost miraculously chow-dense city, due in part to Johnson and Wales graduates sticking around and starting their own restaurants.

    Search the general New England board; there are a ton of Providence recs there.

    1. Worcester's Shrewsbury Street might fit the bill. There's a decent mix of pricey (Via) and less expensive pubs and Italian on the street. I think it's around 50 miles each way! Have fun and let us know where you ended up.

      1. Portsmouth, NH is just over 50 miles one way - lots of restaurants up that way.

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          The Portsmouth Brew Company is a great place if you go there:

        2. Portsmouth is so cute with many options, but I fear traffic won't be fun after work. Careful how you time it.

          1. Anneke Jans in Kittery ME is just a little further than 50 miles- great new American food, bistro type place, excellent cocktails. Call for a reservation or you can sit at the bar without one.