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Jan 29, 2008 08:21 AM

Rome: Caccio e peppe

I've done a search on this board, to no avail...

I'll be visiting Rome next month for a week. The last time I was there (in 2005), I had a series of bad meals until I found an internet cafe and was able to log into Chowhound! The two biggest hits were Sora Margaretta and a neighborhood place outside the historic center called Caccio e peppe.

Has anyone eaten at Caccio e peppe recently? Is it still good? Any other recommendations for places that are like Caccio e peppe?

I'm staying with friends who live in northern Rome (the neighborhood is called Camilluccia/ Cortina D' Ampezzo) -- any suggestions for that area?

Thank you in advance. I'll continue to do research and promise to write a report upon my return.

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  1. Oh my gosh ... I thought that I had been there more recently than you had but it turns out when I lived in Rome it was 2005 as well! Boy has time flown by!

    The two "musts" for me are: 1) Old Bridge Gelateria across from the Vatican Museum entrance and 2) Pizzeria de Baffeto off of Piazza Navona. YES they are touristy areas. But I swear, after 3 months in the city I have to tell you that the food really is delish. I went to several gelaterias and I kept on going back to Old Bridge. The pistachio is a-m-a-z-i-n-g and at the Pizzeria, the pizza is paper-thin. I've never seen pizza like that before. Even the simple marinara with olive oil (no cheese) is superb. The house wine - even red - comes chilled. Which I don't understand. But the pizza is great.

    1. Hope this reaches you before you go. I haven't been to Cacio e Pepe, but I've had fantastic cacio e pepe at Maccheroni, on Via delle Coppelle, just a 5-minute walk from the Pantheon. Many other restaurants serve it as well.

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        Thanks for the suggestions guys! I am off today... v. excited. BTW, I found an old receipt from Caccio e Peppe (the restaurant) -- address is Via G. Avezzana. So, I will check it out and report back. I will definitely try to make it to your suggestions as well!