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Dinner at Brigtsen's

I have read a ton of previous posts on Brigtsen's and it seems to be the can't miss spot. We are in NO for a week and are spending a whack of $ on tours, sports, etc. We are choosing Brigtsen's as our one high end meal (over stella,august,gala,cuvee etc). Sound OK?
We are planning to catch the streetcar from Canal and ride it to the end and walk to two blocks to Dante St. How long would that take? Is there any reason why we would cab it instead of streetcar?
Also, I can make reservations for wed,thurs,sun,mon night. Any suggestions?
How about the seafood platter? or other favorite dishes?
Thanks all!

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    1. Although I've never been to Bridgsten's because I am a broke student, I have been pining over for a while. And the streetcar is a fantastic idea. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time - it takes about an hour to get all the way uptown - it doesn't feel like it though. It's so scenic.

      Have fun, I am jealous.

      1. Little jfood started college last year and M&M jfood been to NOLA a few times. Brigtsens always on the list. The duck is jfood favorite and gets a 10+. The other dish that you should not leave without is the bisque. Desserts are also perfect and depending on the fish in season, jfood also recommends the fish however chef frank is preparing it. The one item that jfood always shies away from is the fried platter. Coming from New England jfood has an aversion to this dish, just a jfood thing.

        Other than that, Brigtsen's is about as great a restaurant as jfood knows in the US from the minute you walk in until the minute you casually walk down the front steps you feel like you are a guest at someone's home versus a customer in a restaurant. Very few places that are this special.

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          I hear lots about the duck - I will let my wife order that and lean over and steal bites from her!

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            The seafood platter at Brigtsen's is NOT fried. That's a New England thing -- the all-fried seafood (or "fisherman's") platter. At Brigtsen's, it's like a seafood tasting plate, with stunning preparations of a handful of fish and shellfish items. Jfood (if I can call you that), on your next visit, you must try it.

            If there's two of you, split the duck and the seafood platter and you'll have your own Brigtsen's Greatest Hits.

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              I agree with Blumie on the seafood platter, it's a must not miss.

              The pork and pepper jelly appetizer is unique and worth trying.

              1. re: blake wilbanks

                sounds like our meal is set
                duck, seafood platter, pork and pepper!
                Leave at least an hour early for the streetcar and enjoy the ride!

              2. re: Blumie

                The all-fried seafood platter is certainly a New Orleans thing...in fact, the only non-fried seafood platter I've ever seen locally is Brigtsen's. A typical fried NOLA seafood platter contains oysters, shrimp, a softshell crab, sometimes fried fish, often hushpuppies, french fries/onion rings, and a couple of slices of buttered toast tucked underneath it all. Why toast? Who knows...to soak up the grease from the fried stuff? To keep the food from sliding off the plate as it is hurried thru the dining room? To fill up the plate (and the diner)? A mystery for the ages....

                1. re: Hungry Celeste

                  You are of course right (in another thread, I recommended the Bayou Delight in Houma, where you can get a classic fried seafood platter). My point -- which I clearly overstated -- was simply that jfood was making an incorrect assumption based on his experience in New England.

                  1. re: Hungry Celeste

                    Celeste I have a confession. I take the toast and make sure the lemon juice, tabasco and ketchup are all on there. Then I usually add a shrimp and chow down. I love seafood platter toast. Do I need therapy?

                    1. re: mrsfury

                      You must be related to my father (who, for the record, had a stroke and now takes two different cholesterol-lowering drugs). I swear, he goes for the greasy toast before the seafood. I can't stand those squashed little triangles!

              3. When I visit New Orleans and have dinner at Brightsen's I usually take a cab so I am not late for my reservation. Sometimes the timing of the Streetcar can be a little flakey - especially during rush hour - not criticizing public transportation. But I always take the streetcar back to the Quarter - its night time and the Garden District will be all lit up - simply a beautiful ride.

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                1. re: Bigshadetree

                  A good idea - save the cab fare one way - have an extra glass of wine instead!
                  by the way, I think we will be avoiding the fried seafood platter - celeste's description of the toast was hilarious!

                  1. re: teacherfarmer

                    Again, the seafood platter at Brigtsen's is NOT fried. Celeste was just correcting an error in my post claiming that a fried seafood platter is a New England thing not a NOLA thing -- you actually find fried seafood platters throughout both New England and Louisiana. BUT THE SEAFOOD PLATTER AT BRIGTSEN'S IS NOT FRIED!!!

                    1. re: Blumie

                      I got that the first time Blumie!!! No need for all caps - I was saying that I would avoid the fried seafood platter while in NOLA (at some place other than Brigtsen's!) - Hungry Celeste's description of the fried platter didn't exactly strike up the appetite band.
                      My meal @ Brigtsen's is pretty much sealed:
                      not fried seafood platter
                      pork and pepper
                      several glasses of wine

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                        Ok, just making sure! But BTW, those all-fried seafood platters are pretty good, too!

                        1. re: Blumie

                          No prob Blumie - we are not huge fried food eaters, but will keep it in mind! My mother used to make excellent fried oysters... and then there were the prairie oysters (but that's another story).

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                            what about some chocolate cafe for dessert and the cafe au lait creme brulee and how about the bbq shrimp with calas.

                  2. I don't think anyone mentioned it, but brightsen's has one of the best gumbos in town. You're streetcar ride sounds like a great evening. Just make sure you alot plenty of time to get down there - this is a wild guess but maybe give yourself an hour or so. It probably won't take that long, but you never know. And if you get there early, have a few more drinks!

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                      it's a fun ride from the quarter through the garden district and through the adobon park area and tulane and then off to uptown.

                      The ST. charles streetcar is a fun ride and I'm glad it's back in service.

                      At Brigsten's don't forget the world-famous (or soon to be world famous) Roasted Duck. Great stuff, and their desserts are usually pretty good too.

                    2. Is Brigtsen's coat and tie? Looking to take some work people out but after a 5 hour drive to the area (for a fishing trip in Lafitte), I doubt many will be left wearing ties and certainly not coats. I beleieve everyone will mostly be business casual at that point.

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                      1. re: Dax

                        Business casual is just fine. Sloppy casual isn't.

                        1. re: Dax

                          i wore jeans, just ddon't wear short pants and tank tops.

                          a decent dress shirt and decent jeans should do the trick (this is not G's).

                        2. So I have made our reservations in March for Thursday @ 7:30. We will take the streetcar nice and early - like at least a few hours. Stop here and there and check out the scene.

                          Once we get to the end of the line and close to Brigtsen's is there a place we can go for a few drinks to kill some time?

                          Then we could just walk to Brigtsen's from there?
                          Thanks for any suggestions!

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                          1. re: teacherfarmer

                            I don't think the maple leaf is that close by.but if it is that would be an idea.

                            1. re: teacherfarmer

                              The Maple Leaf is a bit too far. Cooter Brown's is the only bar close by but it is a real hole in the wall.

                              Or you can stop at One, another fine dining restaurant in the area. They have a bar and I love to go drink Chimay beer there. That's what you should do. I think they open around 6ish.

                              1. re: teacherfarmer

                                I would go to GB's, there's a nice covered patio, or tables inside. At the corner of Maple and Carrollton, 2 blocks from Brigtsen's, I'd feel very comfortable walking it.

                                Or you could probably get a drink at Dante's Kitchen right across the street from Brigtsen's.

                                1. re: JGrey

                                  One, GB's or Dante's - got it. Great suggestions!
                                  A few days away and counting - we are very excited about NO.
                                  I think we have added Galatorie's to the list as well....can't resist another great meal!