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Jan 29, 2008 07:43 AM

Food w/in walking distance of Nittany Lion Inn, State College

Spending a couple of weekdays on business. Not thrilled with the prospects of the hotel restaurant. Anything (any cuisine, any price) within a 20 minute walking radius?

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  1. You could try walking down Atherton, there is a Korean place there, sorry I don't remember the name, my daughter's friend's family has eaten there and likes it, I always want to try it but haven't yet. It is on the opposite side of the road as the Inn.
    I like the pub food at the Nittney Lion Inn, they have a very well made hamburger, and the soups are quite good also.

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      I agree with this (Korean Place), although I do not recall the name. It is downstairs on Calder Way, not far from Pugh/Allen.

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        The Korean place is called Seoul Food - it's great :) There's a ton of things downtown -- if you like Austrian, there is a really good place called Hedwig's you should check out. I believe you need to call ahead with reservations because it's tiny and popular. Another good asian place is Viet Thai (on Atherton, btw Curtain & College). Zola's and Spat's are also good choices, but more expensive. The Diner is also worth checking out for dessert - get grilled stickies a la mode.

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          There's also "Say Sushi" on Allen Street, I think about 3 blocks back from College Ave. All my friends used to love this place

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            Do you mean Seoul Garden? They're OK. Once I wanted to try a buckwheat noodle dish, and the waitress recommended that I don't order it because "most people don't like it".... haven't been back.

            The Austrian place is called Herwig's -- if you like to *feel* your food hours later, that's definitely the place to go.

            I'd stay away from Say Sushi. If you feel like Asian/Vietnamese/Thai, go to Viet Thai. Also not great, but certainly decent....

      2. Zola New World Bistro on College a Avenue a 5 minut wal from the inn.
        It is the bset Restaurant in State College

        1. The whole downtown area is basically in a 20 minute radius. Zola's is 'the' more upscale place around here, but they're pretty inconsistent.

          Your other options include the Allen Street Grill, India Pavillion, Viet Thai (on Atherton), and Spats. Haven't been to Spats in forever as they are ridiculously expensive, and unjustifiedly so. The Deli has good salads, soups & burgers...

          It's not a total culinary wasteland, but close *sigh*.

          1. actually we go alot for work and play (we're both alums - bet you couldn't guess that? :)) and i thoiught the food at whiskers (the bar in the nli, was pretty good (sandwiches, apps, etc, nothing fancy)

            other than that just don't get too fancy (think sandwiches, wings, etc..) and you should be ok

            1. like linguafood said, the whole downtown is within a 20 minute walking distance. and has some great stuff.

              My go to places when I went to school there were always The Deli (on heister) and The Corner Room (on College AVe & Allen St0. Both places have good prices and good food. However, everytime i went, the deli has MISERABLE service and i'm serious EVERYTIME. The Corner Room is delicious and is a piece of Penn State history. It is definitely a must for any visitor to PSU.

              ALSO - Spats (corner of Pugh & College Ave) is good food. (New Orleans Cajun and also has Tapas). But it IS expensive. Definitely a nice place to go though if you want good service and good food in a more upscale atmosphere.

              IF, however, this classy atmosphere is not necessary for you, you can head downstairs to The Rathskeller. It's a bar that's in the basement of the same building as Spats. It's owned by the same guy and Uses the same kitchen. So even though you are dining at this basement bar, you still get food from this gourmet kitchen. You can even order off the Spats menu for a discounted price (like 20% off or something like that). At least that's the way it was when I used to work there. It's a really great place that also OOZES penn state history.