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Sep 18, 2001 04:08 PM

Chinese Banquet on Westside Recs.? (Or Other Large Group Rest. Advice)

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Yes, I've been out to Monterey Park, but my large group isn't going east of La Cienega! (And they want a well-appointed setting... no holes-in-the-wall need apply.)

I remember Jonathan Gold's loving description of a Chinese banquet in last year's LA Weekly (link posted) and so I'm checking with VIP Harbor and Royal Star for their banquet menus...

Any recommendations on other places to go with this group - Chinese or other cuisine?

Any recommendations on how to choose between Royal Star & VIP (I've never been to Royal Star) or how to choose between the several banquets they offer?

Am I better off to order individual dishes at these restaurants?

Good advice will get my full description of the meal!


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