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Jan 29, 2008 07:37 AM

Bklyn jury duty lunch

I've done a search and read the jury duty/Mariott postings but wondered whether there's anything new on Montague St that is worth mentioning. Also, has anyone tried the Jewish deli on Livingston St? TIA

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    1. re: wanderluster

      Ended up having pho at the Vietnamese grill and it was fine: quick, tasty, filling, and under ten bucks. Thanks for all the good suggestions.

    2. Are you familiar with the Polish restaurant Theres'as very palletable plates indeed you should give it a whirl , the staff isnt brilliant, but good eats :)

      1. Thanks for both suggestions. What dishes do you especially like at either the Vietnamese place or Theresa's?

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        1. re: efdee

          It's Teresa's, and I've recently begun patronizing their Brooklyn Heights location after being a regular at their East Village location, which has been defunct since last June 1. Their soups are good (e.g., tripe, mushroom barley, and presumably their chicken, pea, and tomato soups and borsht, which I liked at the EV location). I haven't tried their pierogies, but like the spinach, sauerkraut/mushroom, and potato ones at their EV location. For main dishes, try the chicken stew, the roast chicken, the goulash. The EV location had very good pancakes, but I've been having dinner only at the Brooklyn Heights location.

          I'm actually looking to diversify my dinners in Brooklyn Heights/Downtown Brooklyn. I know about places on Atlantic Av. like Yemen Cafe. I've been reading that most of the Montague St. places are mediocre. Is that true? Are there no other worthy places to have dinner on that street, other than Teresa's, which is cheap and good?

        2. If you are talking about the Pastrami Box on Livingston Street, alas, it closed.

          I personally did not like the Vietnamese place on Montague (Kim's), but I would recommend walking to Nicky's Vietnamese sandwich shop at 311 Atlantic Ave. They also have pho.

          You probably already know about all the Montague Street places (Five Guys burger, etc.) but don't forget the Henry Street area too. There is Oven (upscale pizza/salad/wine) at 60 Henry Street, and Iron Chef Japanese nearby.

          1. my gf had jury about a year ago and would walk to hanco's everyday for lunch- they have great bahn mi's and decent spring rolls. i've been to nicky's and IMO they're pretty much the same as hanco's, just depends which one is farther from the courthouse.