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Jan 29, 2008 06:42 AM

MSP - Anything good at Stella's?


I have a Stella's coupon good for $20 off of $50. I would probably never go there otherwise, but I hate to pass up free money.

So, I am seeking recommendations for anything memorable or outstanding at Stella's. I love seafood and cajun/creole food so every menu item is on the table.

Give it up, fellow 'hounds!


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  1. I had a couple of things there that I enjoyed. The caesar salad with salmon on it was terrific - I liked the dressing and the salmon was perfect. They have garlic chive mashed potatoes that are incredibly good.

    I had the walleye fillet, and it was fine, but it was an off-puttingly large portion.

    On Sunday's after 5, they have 1 1/4 pound lobsters for $20 until the tank empties. It's a terrific bargain (know, though, that it comes without sides) but the lobster was slightly overcooked - it was a little chewy. I would expect a seafood place to be able to prepare a basic lobster better. But it wasn't terrible.

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        The oysters I had -- a long time ago so I can't tell you what they were -- were very good, but seemed just a tad pricey. (Perhaps I'm unrealistic about what they cost these days.)

        While the beer selection was good (if I remember correctly), I'd stay away from the house wine that they have there. They have the same "Cheap, Fine, Fancy" choices as at Salut. I've had the fine and fancy reds and they were not to my taste.

      2. I've been there 3 times, the first was awful, second was quite good, third was so-so. I agree that the oysters have always been great, so I would splurge on that.

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        1. The Florida Stuffer Grouper is decent in that "filled with brie cheese" sort of way. I'll admit the cheese rather masks everything else on the plate but it's good.

          Otherwise, you can't go wrong on the Platters and Baskets menu. Or with the Po Boys. I think they do the best with the basic "seafood shack" fare.

          Too bad you couldn't hit that rooftop patio right about now!

          1. Fish n' chips and shrimp po'boy were good. My companions tried stuff from the Signature Dishes part of the menu (despite Dara' s warnings) and were sorely disappointed. Salads were middling at best.