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Jan 29, 2008 06:35 AM

Paris weekend reviews: Au Fils des Saisons, Aux Lyonnais, Robert et Louise

Just returned from a great weekend in Paris - sunny, warm-ish, great weather to walk around the Marais and people-watch....

We ate VERY well at these three restaurants. Au Fils des Saisons was excellent, though not revelatory. Very sturdy food. The restaurant itself is in a very non-descript area, and while it is perfectly pleasant, I was maybe a wee bit disappointed.

However, Saturday @ Aux Lyonnais was extraordinary -- the food was otherworldly. We loved the atmosphere of the place, and the cuisine -- from the appetizers to the desserts (get the floating island AND the pear souffle) were off-the-charts amazing.

Sunday dinner at Robert et Louise was wonderful -- boisterous, happy, crowded, and just fun. People crammed together eating delicious meat off wooden plates. The perfect Sunday meal. The potatoes, the house salad, the house wine --- top to bottom all were simple and great.

Reservations are rather essential at the latter two. I'd go back to them both in a heartbeat. And all three restaurants are very reasonable in terms of price.

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  1. I just returned from Paris and had the pleasure of dining at Au Fils Des Saison. I also agree that the location is a bit out of the way. Its a also a bit creepy to walk there alone at night. However, the interior is lovely and warm and the host was very welcoming. The food was amazing overall, the one aberration being the house specialty, which is a duck confit. I noticed that it was left under the broiler a tad too long, as it was it on the verge of being tough to cut through the skin. I'll forgive that error though, because everything else was really spot on.