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Jan 29, 2008 06:34 AM

Manchester, UK

Hey guys,

I was in the Manchester (UK) recently and while I was there I visited a small town in Cheshire, which is just on the outskirts of the city.

I went to a lovely little Italian Restaurant called Danilo’s. The food was fantastic, the wine was delicate and the service was second to none, not to mention the authentic ambiance created by the style and interior of the restaurant.

I have never been to a place to eat and felt so at home.

Trust me guys in your ever in Hale in the delightful Cheshire please check this place out, it is truly charming.


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  1. Danilo's website - (havnt eaten there - thanks for the heads-up


    Also in Hale:-

    Earle, 4 Cecil Road. TV chef Simon Rimmer's place for omnivores (building on his locally well known veggie place, Greens, in West Didsbury). In the "modern British" style. I like it there. I like it a lot. Menu link -

    Samphire, 12 Victoria Road. Fish, fish and more fish.

    Hale is a very up-market "village" (now really just a suburb of the metropolitian conurbation) - home of several professional footballers (you get the idea?). Make sure you don't scratch the Porsches and Lambo's parked outside its several restaurants and bars. I can only vouch for the two places I mention but others look OK. It'd be a good place to head for if you were staying overnight at or near Manchester Airport - 10 minutes or so in a taxi.


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      You should try it,

      thanks for your tips

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        there is also Dee Thai virtually next door at 6a cecil road which is expensive and uniformly good.

        and the grill just up the road which is part of the blackhouse grill chain if you like a steak.

        looks like i will have to try Earle, so far i havent managed to overcome my dislike / distaste for Simon Rimmer. not only is the food in greens distinctly average with its neverchanging menu, his TV recipes are a flavourless fiddly joke. i am sure he is a nice chap, just not much of a chef / TV cook.

        danilo's has been an instituion for 20 years, the food is so-so, fresh and OKwithout distinction. The atmosphere is something else, real hustle and bustle, no stupid music and a mix of ladies who lunch, hard drinking irish, nouveau riche and the odd footballer. plus he clingers on; hale can be extremely pretentious and label concious

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          I know what you mean about Green's (although I quite like it there as well). He imports some elements from there to Earle - like the vegetarian black pudding. His supplier also sells at Ashton Farmers Market where I've bought some to try in a fry-up. It was surprisingly OK - better than ordinary supermarket "proper" black pud - not as good as Bury Market "proper" black pud.

          Hadnt realised the Grill was part of the same lot as the "Grill on the Alley" (?) in the city. Went there ages ago - was OK. As I am neither pretentious nor have the income of a professional footballer, I did not try try the £50 Kobe steak!


    2. I was in Manchester this weekend and had a really nice meal at the Odd Bar in the Northern Quarter. (


      Particularly liked this one: Odd's Famous Spicy Sweet Potato Chips … £3.25: Original Odd secret recipe sweet potatoes deep fried in their own jackets, tossed in aromatic spices and served with sour cream – no-one does them like us!