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Jan 29, 2008 06:09 AM

Baker's Outlet, Malden

The Baker's Outlet in Malden is turning out to be a little bit of a mystery. Scant information online, a somewhat busted website ( but when I sent them an e-mail I received a quick response from the "special requests" dude!

Does anyone have anything to share about this place? What sort of wholesale, non-prepared foodstuffs do they sell? Who is their primary audience? Any hidden treasures in the aisles? Is this place a dive??

We may order some bulk flour through them and will hopefully be able to visit sometime next week. Just want to know what to expect! Please--share the gossip!


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  1. My family usually picks up cakes and pastries here for family parties. They can put any picture you want on a sheet cake and the cake is good but nothing extraordinary. I don't really care for the pastry - not high quality. Some of the cookies I've had from there were good but it's pretty hit or miss. IMO there are much better bakeries around. I can't speak to flour quality though.

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      Stay away! It's really not a nice place, at least not for baking supplies. The "pastry" is scary looking. I went looking for cinnamon chips and left with a 1/4 lb to test out. They were waxy and stale-ish and I was hard pressed to find anything else to buy. A friend does get macaroon cookie mix from them and is quite happy with it and they also do ice cream sundae kits, but for bulk flour, I'd try King Arthur.

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          Can anyone suggest a good place selling baking ingredients and/or supplies? I am looking for cake emulsifer from supermarket and online but in vain.

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            What on earth is cake emulsifier? I've been to pastry school, and have the King Arthur line-up memorized....

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              Believe it or not, I don't know what is cake emulsifer too! I have started baking two weeks ago and a recipe for Chinese style sponge cake calls for it.

              I know you may not read Chinese but you may see what am I talking about from this link :


              The picture below the colorful cookies is "paper-wrapped cupcake". It is quite popular in Chinatown bakeries.

              Maybe there is another name for it. Please advise.

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                Thanks Sheila! now we're headed in the right direction - although we will probably have to take this to Chowhound home cooking!
                actually Home Cooking did have a thread on this:
                if you page to the bottom, there are some recipes -and
                and oh, how I wish I could read Chinese: I do have a book of menu characters!

      1. My sister-in-law owns a coffee and muffin shop. We used to go there a lot to pick up supplies, both food and packaging, but the place was sold last year and it isn't the same. I haven't been for a few months but the last time I was there they didn't have anywhere near what they used to have. It seemed to be more of a bakery than a supply store. Again, I haven't been there for a while so it may have changed again since.