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Sep 18, 2001 02:06 AM

Middle Eastern Restaurant Problem?

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I've been reading Jim Leff's "A Chowhound Call to Eat" thread advocating that we make an extra effort to patronize our favorite Middle Eastern restaurants at this time (I couldn't agree more), and it made me wonder. Has anyone on the LA board heard of any ugly incidents from merchants and shopkeepers here in LA? The NY board is pretty active on this topic.

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  1. This was reported in local news last night and this blurb in today's LA Times:

    "In addition, authorities reversed course Monday and said they will now investigate whether the shooting death of an Egyptian man at the mom-and-pop store he owned in San Gabriel on Saturday was a hate crime. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said initially that it thought the owner, Adel Karas, was killed in a robbery, but the FBI will now probe a possible racial motive."

    Very sad...

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    1. re: Can

      The entire story above from today's the Los Angeles Times can be read on the Web.

      Southern California might be the nation's "capital" of this kind--many people in the world know things like UC Irvine's notorious anti-Asian hate crime that made its Asian American students panicky several years ago.


      1. re: Hiko Ikeda

        Notorious hate crime at UCI? You mean the guy who sent hateful emails? Disturbing, maybe, but not quite notorious.

    2. I agree with one condition. That the restaurant owner is asked how he or she feels about what happened. IF there is any sympathy for those terrorists then that restaurant should not be patronized and should be sent packing on the next camel back to the desert.

      It is very wrong to take out our angry at innocent Americans of Arab descent.

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      1. re: Schudog

        If you've been following that credo, please let us know which businesses owned by Irish Americans you've boycotted based on support for the IRA, Italian restaurants you boycott because they're Mafia hangouts, or Blue-eyed owners who supported Timothy McVeigh.

        1. re: Schudog

          Speaking as someone who lost an acquaintance on the flight which hit the Pentagon, I have to say that your reservation is sickening. Most of these people are refugees who are here for a reason and are frightened enough right now without having to face some non-governmental vigilante's interrogation. If you are uncomfortable spending money in someone's store or restaurant, don't go. But you're not helping anything by sauntering into a restaurant and interrogating waiters. They don't know if you might be some nutjob carrying a gun yourself. Do you WANT to terrorize them?

          And assuming the slight possiblity that they actually are sympathetic to someone killing thousands of people (including Muslim Pakistanis) at the WTC, why would they tell you the truth?

        2. I thought I saw on local news last night that an Afghan restuarant in Encino had been burned down. I would assume this to be the "Afghan Cuisine" that has been mentioned here and reviewed in the LA Times (link below).

          I tried to confirm this, but there was no story in today's LA Times or Daily News. I also tried calling the restaurant, but the line was busy. Can anyone confirm the story? If it is true, and was done by someone with a misguided sense of revenge, it is truly evil, horrible, sad, pathetic, and stupid. It would certainly by worthwhile for the community to help out and rebuild.


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          1. re: David L

            Here is what I found on the LA Times website:

            "Meanwhile, a fire that destroyed much of an Afghan and Persian restaurant Monday in Encino may have been caused by an arsonist, but a Los Angeles police spokesman said, "There's no reason to believe this is a hatred incident."

            Title of article is "Anti-Muslim Violence Up, Officials Say"

            1. re: SusanB

              I ate there on Sunday night, rather I got food to go. They are at the corner of Ventura and Newcastle, just west of White Oak. They have great food. I've reviewed it on this board. I went to an effort to buy food because I assumed they must be frightened. If they're gone ... well I just checked out the LATimes and yes, they are gone, arson. Sickening.

              1. re: jerome

                They had recently changed the name to Golestan.

            2. re: David L

              Hey David: What local news station was that on? I'm having trouble locating the restaurant owners, the tv station may be able to help out. Thanks!