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Jan 29, 2008 06:04 AM

Coffee Shop near Bell Centre?

I need to meet with a client downtown. They have a lunch meeting first at the Bell Centre, and would like to meet somewhere nearby afterwards. So, where can we meet in the area, for about an hour, without having to order food? Oh, and something fairly nice, no Dunkin Donuts and preferably no Second Cup-like joints.

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  1. You just want a comfortable place to meet without the obligation of ordering anything? I suggest Les Halles de la Gare in Gare Centrale, it's a food court but there is a variety of seating options. There is a Second Cup and Premiere Moisson, so you can order a coffee if you like but no one will blink if you just sit there without ordering anything; many train travelers just sit there to pass the time while waiting to board.

    1. Howdy!

      What about one of the many hotel lobbies in the area? Nice, upscale (depending on which hotel you choose) and you can hangout for just about as long as you like.

      If you really want Coffee, I'd suggest Cafe Republique 1200 Peel

      1. There's an "upscale cafeteria" type place (think Prêt à Manger in London or Quattro D here in Montreal) called Anton & James on Stanley just above Ste. Catherine. I've been inside and it looks very nice, with a cozy seating area in the mezzanine, but I can't vouch for the coffee since I didn't try any.