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Jan 29, 2008 06:01 AM

Nice dinner in the North End?

Hi everybody
Once a month my two girlfriends and I enjoy having a nice meal out. We want to check out the North End next and I'm wondering if you would have any suggestions? We don't want a red sauce type place. We would like a bottle of wine, a good meal, and dessert in a nicer atmosphere.
Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Did you already search the board for some ideas? Can you provide more information about why the many other threads on the North End don't quite satisfy what you're looking for? Bachslunch did a great survey of the North End in this thread:

    If you can let us know some more details (your budget would also be very useful) you will get much more useful responses. But this is a topic that gets covered constantly - there's already a ton of good info here.

    1. My recommendation would be Prezza. It's somewhat upscale but not stuffy with delicious food. They have a lovely bar area, take reservations and serve desserts. I highly recommend the egg ravioli, the crispy pork chop and their polenta. Enjoy!

        1. I've been most impressed with Taranta, and their wine list is very good (with many reasonable bottles).

          1. I'll second both Taranta and Prezza.