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Jan 29, 2008 05:51 AM

Looking for the best "meat" ravioli filling...steak?

After giving a shot to rolling my own raviolis a couple of weeks ago, with much success....I actually went out and got a pasta roller to aid in the process......

I'm planning on only a meat filling this time, but want it to be a little different. I've had Filet Mignon ravioli at some restaurants, just ground up filet in a standard ravioli fashion..... you guys think it really makes a difference when it's ground up? If so, what cut do you think would be best for ravioli filling, I was thinking over just getting some cheaper, tips and putting them through the food processor.

no special sauce, just a brown butter...I really just want the filling to be "the thing"

Also, how do guys make your fillings with an egg AND a little breadcrumbs so it stays together a little or just an egg or two? (and obviously a little fresh herbs, etc. etc.)


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  1. If you grind up any meat and add a little something, can make any meat ravioli filling taste good. Using a prime cut does not guarantee it will be exceptional in taste. If you wish to use less ingredients and not grind the meat as fine, I would suggest you use either Short Ribs or Ox Tail meats precooked and seasoned for your filling. They are in my opinion the two most flavorful meats when cooked properly.

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      thanks for the tips. I don't mind ingredients :) last time I used a meatloaf pork/veal/beef mix and it came out great, although a little to "crumbly" for me so I'll throw in another egg this time around.

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        I second the lesser cuts which braise well. I wouldn't pay top dollar for a prime cut then grind it up. And any tye of braised meat will make for a terrific filling..beef, lamb...pork.

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        Batali has a beef cheek ravioli. As beef cheeks are hard to find, I think ox tails are the closest.

      3. Best filling ever is shredded duck confit.

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          That sounds good. Osso buco or lamb shanks would also make a nice filling for ravioli with the brown butter.

        2. Yeah, last thing you want to do is grind tenderloin up for raviolis. Use round, chuck, briskett, or something like that first. Using a fattier cut will likely help your crumbling problem out too.

          Ground lamb shank is a pretty nifty filling, imo. I also second confit. :-D

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            One of the reasons I suggest confit is that I always have it around. Since I've started sous vide cooking I've found it easy to make confit in vacuum sealed bags and keep it on hand. I amazed at how useful the stuff is.

            1. re: vanillagorilla

              It's easy to get nowadays, too. Even my local mega-mart carries confit. Not as good as homemade, but still tasty.

              1. re: johnmlinn

                I have plenty of places that sell confit now. But it's so easy to make, and costs about half as much!

          2. My Aunt Sadie used to make an extra pot roast whenever she wanted to make Kreplach (Jewish ravioli). They were the best Kreplach anyone I know ever ate. I'd vote for pot roast!

            1. We like Italian sausage sauteed with red bell peppers and onions. Grind or chop to a medium texture and bind with ricotta and parmesana reggiano and an egg.