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Jan 29, 2008 04:54 AM

al di la or lunetta or Convivium

I've got one night in town--which of these three should I pick---thank you in advance for any comments

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  1. Without question, surely and most definitely, Al Di La is the winner. Their pastas are all superb, as is the risotto with sepia, hangar steak, and that wine list!

    1. I like all three for different occasions, but have to agree with NYJ -- al di là is the one I'd pick if I had to choose. Keep in mind they don't take reservations, so depending on the night you'll be waiting from 30 minutes to an hour. Happily, you can spend that time in their wine bar, just down from the restaurant on Carroll St.

      1. I'm definitely in agreement. Al di la - and make sure you get the malfatti or/and the casunziei. So delicious.

        1. Yes, and get there before they open or you will wait on line as those who preceed you eat!

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            Al di la is the best but if you're not getting there when they open your wait could be distressingly lengthy...I really think Convivium is underated and very charming with consistently loved food.

            1. re: pastoralia

              have to agree that Convivium is a pretty good alternative. not quite in the same league as Al di la but have had some very good meals there. the space is great (both upstairs and down) and you can make a reservation. if you're in the mood for red meat, the steak for two is great. Lunetta is definitely a distant third.