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Leftover Steak?

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Anyone have any good ideas for what I can make with leftover steak, aside from steak and eggs? Many thanks!

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  1. fajita, or nice big hearty salad with artichokes, hearts of palm, jazz it up, etc.

    1. I usually slice the leftovers nice and thin and make a nice big salad with my favorite greens, good tomatoes, blue cheese, and a basil shallot vinagrette.

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        I did that just last week, but I roasted the tomatoes along with mushrooms and brussels sprouts, then tossed those with the meat and cheese with some romaine, sliced red onion and a hearty helping of sourdough croutons for a nice wintery panzanella salad.

      2. I love a good steak salad just like irishnyc described below, but my favorite would have to be a steak sandwich. I caramelize some onions in a skillet and add the thinkly sliced steak at the end to heat through. Buy some crusty rolls or french bread and toast. Top with the meat, caramalized onions and fontina cheese. Stick it in the oven until the cheese melts and slather on a mixture of mayo and horseradish. Delicious!

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          Love a steak sandwich! I like the way you describe how you make it, but I also like it as a french dip with au jus!

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            Steak Sandwiches are always good eats. I like mine on multi grain bread. Steak slices thin with melted gruyere on it. Mayo and whole grain mustard on the bread and a few pickle slices. For me it has to be the Claussen Hearty Garlic sandwich pickle slices.

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              I make a similar version - sauteed mushrooms are added to the mix. So good!

            2. We do Chinese broccoli beef (stir fry the broccoli w/ garlic, red chilies, oyster sauce then throw the steak in to heat through).

              Or pot pie.

              1. Steak quesedillas are one of the ways I use left ofter steak. They are delicious done with melty cheeses, scallions, cilantro, tomatoes, grilled onions and peppers. And serve with homemade fresh salsa, cilantro,olives, sour cream and guacamole. In fact they might work for the Super Bowl....hm Buy the extra large size flour tortillas so there's plenty!

                1. quesadillas/tacos/burritos/empanadas/flautas - pretty much any Mexican food
                  salad *my fav with some blue cheese, red onion, and spicy honey mustard
                  fried rice
                  creamed beef on toast
                  calzones or pizza would be good with gorgonzola and carmelized onions

                  1. oh, and i forgot nachos! haha

                    1. Sliced thin, served cold with an Asian dipping sauce (that can be mild to very spicy) and hot rice. Pickled vegetables on the side.

                      1. I'm a huge fan of steak sandwiches and quesadillas, but this is my favorite way to use leftover steak. After my DH and I go out for a steak dinner, I transform our doggie bag into a tasty supper for two.

                        Curried Leftovers

                        2 Tbsp. vegetable oil
                        1/2 cup onion, chopped
                        2 or 3 tsp. curry powder
                        1 cup (or more) applesauce
                        2 bananas, sliced
                        1 cup (or more) leftover steak or chicken, cut into very thin slices
                        Optional: any leftover vegetables, for example mashed potatoes, sweet potato, carrots, peas

                        Optional garnishes:
                        Peanuts, sliced almonds or slivered almonds (preferably toasted)
                        Raisins or currants
                        Shredded coconut
                        Mango chutney

                        Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat.
                        Add onion to the skillet and sauté until soft and translucent.
                        Add 2 teaspoons curry powder for a mildly spiced dish, or 3 teaspoons for more assertive taste. Stir the curry in the pan for a minute, to release its aroma.
                        Pour in the applesauce and stir.
                        Add the banana slices and stir.
                        Cook, stirring occasionally, for about 5 minutes, until the sauce is hot. The bananas will break up. If the mixture starts to look dry and stick to the pan, lower the heat and add a bit more applesauce, or some water or chicken broth.
                        Add leftover meat, and any odds and ends of vegetables you have, and cook for another few minutes, until everything is heated through.
                        Serve over (or next to) rice.
                        If desired, serve with cucumber raita (peeled, shredded cucumber mixed with plain yogurt and ground cumin to taste), and garnishes in small bowls.

                        Yield: 3 or 4 servings

                        1. Quckly saute sliced steak in a little butter, add Worchestershire sauce, place on toast with mayo. Yum. Also works great with fresh shrinp.

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                            2 pieces plain white bread. generous mayo on both sides. cold, thinly sliced, mid rare steak in the middle. so simple and SO good.

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                              Tutt' amerigan...white bread and mayo? Sometime be adventurous and try it with seeded rye, harrisa and mustard.

                          2. Not steak, but close. I just made a standing rib roast and made an awesome, rich hash with the leftovers. I used this Emeril recipe and it may be the best I've tried.: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/em...

                            I didn't bother with the mushroom sauce (would have been delicious, but way too rich), the egg or the bread. Served it with a simple butter lettuce salad. I may add the bread and poached egg for breakfast with leftovers.