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Jan 29, 2008 02:52 AM

Delivery In The Hollywood Hills

Those who live in the hills and are lazy like me know that finding places that deliver can be a serious pain. Would love to discover some new places that will deliver up here. Here is the best of what I've found so far, categorized by the area of the hills I know they deliver to:

West Hollywood Hills - 90069:

Tandoori Nights - very very good indian food, average delivery time 45 min

Sunset Panini - Great sandwiches and pasta, decent pizza, ave del time 30 minutes! (they mentioned to me that they will deliver to 90046 as well if they aren't swamped) - Online grocery store but deli sandwiches are AMAZING! (chicken pesto is best). Ave del time 30 minutes

Pink Dot - I personally dislike their food but roommates liked it

Pine Noodle House - throws in an extra $5 for hills delivery, but this is VERY good chinese food for the price

Asakuma Rice - Surprisingly decent jap/china fusion place (I usually hate these places). Get black cod, schezwan pork or shrimp in lobster sauce. Good soup too and sushi is edible for delivery. 45 min

Bossa Nova - prob been reviewed here before, can be good or bad depending on what you order. (Dont order pizza for delivery, it's always cold. Stick w chicken or shrimp). Ave del time 1 hr +. Also know that certain extra condiments (like gorganzola sauce) cost 5 DOLLARS each!

Mid Hollywood Hills - 90046

Gate of India (may deliver to 90069 too) - Better than Tandoori Nights! (and that is saying a lot). 45 min

Asakuma Rice

Johnnie's NY Pizza - EXCELLENT pizza, solid pasta

Tangy Thai - thai food is just ok but 15 minute delivery time to the hills! Great in a pinch, very nice people on phones as well

Green Tea House - another 20 min deliv spot, entrees kinda suck but soup and apps are good

Vivoli Cafe - Expensive for delivery but very solid!

Ok that's all I've got. Sorry to exclude the Beechwood/East area, haven't lived there yet. Give me some more!

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  1. Sunset Thai on Sunset and Gardner will deliver to 90046. I live in Nichols Canyon and they are usually here in 30 minutes or less. I love their glass noodles but everything is a little above the regular fast Thai places.

    1. Bossa Nova used to deliver to me when I was in 90046, and the pizza was always perfect. I was pretty close to them though. But yeah, they can take forever to arrive.

      I also actually really liked Green Tea House - great chow mein & Kung Pao Chicken.

      I also like Raffalo's Pizza, but didn't order from there too often, since I usually preferred Bossa Nova's pizza. But they are a good alternative if Bossa Nova says they'll take 2 hours to deliver.

      There's also a place called New York Pizza & Pasta that delivers. They've got a pretty broad menu. I highly recommend their mozzarella sticks & sub sandwiches.

      Raffallos Pizza
      1657 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

      New York Pizza & Pasta
      7123 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

      1. Bossa Nova delivers all the way to 90028.

        Jitlada delivers to my neck of the woods also.

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        1. re: SauceSupreme

          "Jitlada delivers to my neck of the woods also."

          Portland, OR? Really?

          Phii Tui is a fool for offering free delivery.


          1. re: Erik M

            Yeah, I pick Tui up at PDX on Alaskan Air. The fried fish with turmeric isn't as crunchy but other than that, it survives the flight pretty well. ;)

            I'm not sure what Jitlada's western boundaries are (if any at all), but they have delivered to my apartment when I was feeling *so* lazy that I didn't want to travel two miles down Sunset.

        2. Obviously when you're talking delivery you have to adjust the quality bar some.

          It's not my favorite but I know the Los Feliz Louises delivers up throughout the Beachwood/East Hills. I believe their Melrose branch will hit the lower half on the Mid-Hills.

          Some other names to look at for Mid-Hills might be Greenblatt's Delicatessen, Damiano's Mr. Pizza, and even Mel's.

          Also, if higher quality is a greater concern, there are several 3rd party delivery services that will bring food from some of the "better" restaurants. For a decent fee, of course. The one I use is

          1. Thank you for this great PSA for the hill-folk.

            For 90069 and possibly beyond there's one of my all-time favorites Pace -- delicious pizzas, pastas, salads, etc Made with fresh organic ingredients.

            As Wutzizname suggests, Domianos (my other fav pizza place for a more classically pizza pizza) also delivers here.

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            1. re: bite bite

              "As Wutzizname suggests, Domianos (my other fav pizza place for a more classically pizza pizza) also delivers here."

              I take it that you a cliff-dweller?

              If so, I gotta ask: what does Damiano's most often quote you on the ETA? Like, a year or so?

              My brother lives 6 blocks away from Damiano's and has had a standing order there every Sunday night for 7+ years; however, he gave up on the delivery option several years ago. Sheeit. It would often take them 2+ hours to get the job done.


              1. re: Erik M

                Funny. I'm a fan -- but you are so right. It has sometimes seemed like it's taken a year to get food even when I'm eating there in person, the place is empty and all I've ordered a salad and a slice. They quote an hour for delivery -- can't swear to the accuracy. When I eat out I get impatient and famished the second after I order, but when I order in I generally forget about the food until it arrives.