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I have a few restaurant that I like to try for DineLa program.
Any suggestion on Takami Sushi & Robata, Roy's, Nick & Stef's?
I live in Glendale so I just want to eat within the 10 mile radious.

I just tried Noe @ Omni Hotel, I would not recomend this place.
read my previous post.

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  1. I heard good things about Takami, but it's more of a fusion place, not authentic Japanese.

    Roy's is supposed to be good for seafood.

    Nick & Stef's is overrated. Go to Ruth's Chris instead.

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      We just went to Ruth's Chris last night for the Dine LA deal. Pasadena location. It was lovely. I got the Ahi side (get this, GET THIS - it is fantastic! around $12 on menu) petite steak, med rare w/Bernaise on top (my request, I would skip the bernaise from now on, although they did nor charge me for it) (reg price 32.95) with a side of creamed spinach and bread pudding for dessert. One of my friends got the same except had hers cooked medium, mashed potatoes and the chocolate sin cake. Other friend ordered off menu and a side of asparagus with hollandaise. Steaks were tender and delicious. Cooked to perfection. About 2" high 4" across. Good sized. Sides were okay. My favorite was the spinach (a tad too sweet for my tastes, but very good), then the asparagus (although the hollandaise was bland (but brightened when I squeezed some lemon into it). Mashed potatoes were good. Of the desserts, the bread pudding definitely won the best dessert prize. Sin cake was just too much.
      Service was efficient, very helpful and attentive. Not overpoweringly so, though. We had a wonderful night and would definitely recommend it.

    2. Roy's looks really good to me. Had a great dinner there before.

      1. If you search the board type in dineLA you can find lots of thumbs up on Ruth Chris and a ffew about Roy's already.

        The menu isn't all that interesting for Takami, and it's just a buzz for that place cuz it's overlooking the downtown.
        The Buzz - http://losangeles.metromix.com/restau...
        Menu - http://www.dinela.com/data/restaurant...

        1. I agree, Noé at the Omni was not that great. The food might look good but the taste was lacking.

          Below is the review, but if you would like to see pics of the food check out my blog at www.kats9lives.com

          Friday night we decided to dine at this hip/modern restaurant inside the Omni hotel in downtown LA. Word to the wise, you can find street parking pretty easily versus paying for valet. I really liked how they made their name to look like the Eiffel Tower, this design was displayed throughout the restaurant. Definitely a very clean and modern look to the restaurant, but it could be a romantic setting as there were little lights decked out on the trees outside the windows.

          They started off with an amuse-bouche. It was a nicely crusted tuna with fruit salsa on top. The crust had a nice kick to it. The presentation was very nice as well.

          As always, if I see foie gras prepared in a nice way I will order off the menu. P.S. this really does make my meals a lot more expensive, but hey I am enjoying life and I LOVE seared foie gras. Right off the bat I ordered their Foie Gras prepared three ways (Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow) and then I decided to order the Toro Sashimi served with Pineapple & Yuzu Geleé. Of course I had to ask what the three ways were. Yesterday was seared foie gras atop truffled eggs, today was done in a foie gras butter, and tomorrow was a foie gras croquette accompanied with flavored orange slivers. I don't think I would order this again. Although I think they did a wonderful job in the concept, but the flavor fell short. The seared foie gras was delicious but the eggs below were a little runny and underflavored for my taste. I especially didn't like the middle foie gras butter, I had thought it would be terrine style but it was just like a cream/butter and it was oddly sweet and infused with some kind of weird fruity flavor. The croquette was good but nothing special. I think the problem was that you could not taste the foie gras flavor at all in today and tomorrow.

          The Toro sashimi was only mediocre. Since I am an avid sushi goer, I can tell you the quality of the fish was only so-so and the cut is pretty small for the price. At first I couldn't tell where the geleé was because they usually come in cubes at other restaurants but it was the entire lower layer and both flavors in one. I was hoping for a stronger yuzu flavor but it was just a little bland, nothing special. I definitely wouldn't recommend anyone to order this because you can get much better quality elsewhere with the same kind of twist, but I had to try it for myself to know.

          Their 3-course prefix is almost the exact same as their 4-course prefix of $60, which is not bad because the course you are losing is a salad course. I would never order the prefix for $60, you would be better off ordering from the regular menu. One thing I really liked was that they give you truffle butter with your bread, and you can never go wrong with free truffle!

          The first course was Potato & Winter Truffle Soup, which was very flavorful and aromatic. They actually gave a pretty generous shaving of truffle.

          Second course was the Cornish Hen Roulade with Foie Gras & Parsnip Puree. I really couldn't find the foie gras. Overall, the food was cooked nicely and flavorful but nothing outstanding that would make this dish memorable. The puree was sweeter than I thought it would be. I kind of wished I ordered the bouillabaisse instead.

          There was no other choice for dessert except the Berry Cobbler with Chimay Ice Cream. The crust on the cobbler was fantastic, but personally I hate cooked fruit and I didn't like it. My friends seem to like it, they ate the entire thing. The only thing I enjoyed was the crust and then I gave the rest to them. All in all I probably would not come back.

          1. Asia de Cuba
            For pics go to http://www.kats9lives.com

            I have been wanting to go to this restaraunt for like two years. Seeing that it was on dine about LA week, I was ecstatic. The food was awesome, but the service was horrendous! Can they get a dumber manager? Lunch took forever! People who got their after us all finished before we did. I don't know if they just forgot about us or what. It wasn't like we sat away from everyone else, but I think the lunch staff must be incompetent idiots. Maybe I will come back for dinner, and I mean MAYBE.

            I made the mistake to share an appetizer with my friend, I should have just ordered what everyone ordered. I ordered the Lemongrass Skewered Chicken, a coconut thai chili marinade. The chicken was nicely prepared but the flavor was lacking. It was just a so-so dish.

            What was truly amazing was the Braised Pulled Pork Empañadas with a smoked chili dipping sauce. Everything inside the empañadas was prepared to perfection. The side citrus salad was wonderful as well. I would definitely recommend everyone to choose this starter, and to order it if you go there outside dine about LA week.

            For the second course I chose the Miso Cured Alaskan Butterfish. It was a small piece of fish but extremely flavorful. I believe the server said that it was marinated for 2 days before served. The cuban black bean and edamamesalad had a yuzu vinaigrette, which was delicious. I hate beans so I picked them all out and only ate the edamame. It also came with tempura shisito peppers that were kind of washed out from the batter, but still good if you are afraid of a strong shisito flavor.

            My friend ordered the Cuban BBQ Chicken with Thai Coconut Sticky Rice & Avocado Fruit Salsa. I tried the chicken and that was delicious, but my friend said that the rice was not good at all. From what I saw, I would agree that they totally overcooked the rice and ruined it.

            Dessert took FOREVER to come, I was seriously thinking about leaving before it came. Like I said, service was embarrassingly bad. My friend was dying of spice and they never bothered to refill the water glasses. The dessert was actually great. My friend had the Caribbean Carrot Cake layered with pineapple cream cheese & a lemongrass rhum raisin ice cream. I was astonished at how good the carrot cake was and they gave a generous slice. My friend and I eventually ended up switching desserts.

            I ordered the Cuban Opera Cake made with rich chocolate cake layered with milk chocolate buttercream & coffee mousse with coffee-brittle ice cream. It sounded very good and was presented nicely, but I personally thought it was too overwhelming. I love chocolate, but this dish was way too heavy for my tastes and luckily my friend liked it a lot so we swapped.

            Overall, their restaurant week menu was pretty good and tasty but I am not sure if it can out-weigh the horrendous service we received. Even the manager was really stupid. Either they need better day shift workers or they generally have bad service. I think I might give the place one more try for dinner and I would definitely order some drinks. Their white sangría looked very tempting.

            1. Circa 55
              Below is the review, check out the pics at http://www.kats9lives.com

              This was the first restaurant I went to for Dine LA week. It is located in the Beverly Hilton and you can validate your parking ticket, which becomes a $5 charge. They had a really nice bread basket assortment and it came with both butter & olive oil. Our server wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible like Asia de Cuba. I was a little disappointed in their drink selection because I thought they were suppose to have a huge wine selection.

              I chose to go at dinner time because the menu looked much more promising. For first course, I ordered the California Dungeness Crab Cake with Grain Mustard Aioli, White Asparagus, Cherry Tomato, & Wild Cress Salad. The crab cake was delicious and a generous size. It was purely crab meat and not lots of breading, which was good. The only thing was the crab cake needed the aioli to add more flavor.

              The main reason I wanted to come here was what they offered for their main course. I ordered the 10 oz. Fruity Soy Marinatd Grilled New York Steak with Roasted Pepper & Blue Cheese Relish. The steak was delicious! Although I think they made mine medium rare versus rare, but still good. I really liked the blue cheese because it really complimented the meat. The portion was very generous, especially for the dine LA menu. The accompaniments weren't that good and the mashed potatoes came out dry and cold. Other than that, I liked my steak a lot since it was a good cut.

              For dessert, I opted to try the Journey into Chocolate. This included a Provence cake with thyme, an Opera Cake, & a Chocolate Soup. I am a huge Opera cake fan, so I really liked that dessert. The Provence was a little off because I don't like thyme in my dessert, but still good. The chocolate soup is a little gritty but decent. My friend said he really liked his Passion Fruit Crème Brûlée. Personally if I had to do it all over again, I'd order that instead.

              All in all, I might come back. The dine LA menu was definitely worth it. As for their regular food, nothing really Wowed me. Overall it was good minus the server's nonchalant attitude.

              1. Chaya Brasserie in Beverly Hills
                Below is the review, but if you would like to see pics of the food check out my blog at www.kats9lives.com

                Definitely a happening place. For Dine LA week, we decided to try this restaurant out and I am really glad that we did. You got to love the price, $34 for a 3-course prefix meal. The decor is very nice, a little dark but it could be very romantic if it weren't so loud. When we went it was extremely crowded, but we made reservations so they sat us immediately. We sat at a corner table where we all squeezed in to sit on the booth, laced with decorative pillows, since no one wanted to sit on the chairs.

                For the first course, we all ordered the Lobster Ravioli. It was prepared in a basil pesto cream sauce. All in all it was only alright but you definitely can taste the chunks of lobster. Another reason I think it wasn't as tasty was because I opted for the seared Foie Gras. How could I not! It was prepared with a Black Truffle Mac & Fontana Cheese with bacon, mushrooms, and there were a lot of shaved truffles under the foie gras. You are surrounded with the luxurious aroma of black truffles when they bring the dish out. I let my friends try the truffled mac & cheese, and they ended up splitting an order later on. It was just that good! Based on that dish alone, it won me over. I know it wasn't on the special priced menu but it was worth the $19. The only thing bad I have to say about this dish is that there are too many delectable items fighting for my taste buds. I think the dish would have been better if they were separate because the foie gras was flavorful by itself and so was the mac & cheese. Once you eat them together they both are trying to over power each other and you don't get to truly enjoy the divine qualities of each dish. Based on this dish you can tell they must have pretty decent food overall, so I will definitely return to this place in the future.

                To ensure that we would be able to try more menu items, my friend and I agreed to share the entree. We ordered the Pan-roasted New Zealand White Sea Bass and the Slow Braised Short Rib with Champignon Truffle Oil Risotto. Lets just say it was a truffle filled night and you can never go wrong with that! The sea bass was prepared nicely atop a medley of rice. The flavor was nice but not very powerful. I think we all wanted something stronger in flavor since the truffled dishes were so delectable and flavorful. My friend loved the short rib and definitely loved the risotto. I don't think I am a huge short rib fan. I do not like cooked meat but the meat was very nicely done. You can easily pull it apart and it was fatty, not too fatty, enough for it to melt in your mouth. What can I say about the risotto, it MADE the dish! I don't think the meat was by itself very flavorful but once you accompanied it with the risotto it just brought out all the flavors inside the mouth. Based on this, when I come back I will definitely order dishes with truffle in it because they really know how to utilize the flavors.

                As for the dessert I ordered the Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich, it was good but nothing that I would ever crave or order by myself. The one thing I like about the cookie is that it had pistachios in it. One of my friends decided on the M-Lato. They actually ended up bringing the wrong flavor so we actually got to try two flavors as they quickly brought out the correct flavor and apologized for the mistake. We tried the Macha and Banana & Walnut gelato. Maybe I just don't like macha, but I thought it was only alright. I liked the banana & walnut flavor more, but both were only alright to me. My favorite place is in Paris, oh how I miss Paris!