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Jan 28, 2008 11:08 PM

Best Places to Eat: Kangnam, Seoul?

Hi, I'm staying in Kangnam for the next few months and am COMPLETELY overwhelmed by the hundreds of restaurants, bars and cafes that populate this area. Anyone have any great recommendations on where to start chowing down? Also - anyone happen to know if there are ANY places that serve MARTINIS (or other mixed drinks) rather than just soju/beer around here?

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  1. I think most bars these days serve martinis, especially in the Kangnam area, although based on my recent trip (in Jan) the prices were pretty steep.
    Of the bars that I went to, Timber House at the Park Hyatt had one of the more memorable martinis, made with sweetened yuzu (I think it's called the yuza martini?). A little sweet but very tasty. If you are there, I would also suggest getting the oysters on the half shell. (Had a ton of oysters on this trip, which I thought were simply phenomenal.)
    (For bars, I would suggest going to Apkujung or Chungdam for the experience instead of a hotel though. Maybe Tribeca?)

    If you love oysters like do, check out gul ma-ul ( ). Great oysters dishes at a ridiculously cheap price. I have written about them on my blog, which you can check out as well ( )

    As for the best spots, I am partial to the hole in the wall places. You can usually find good hole in the wall places by asking people (especially office folks) who are on their way to lunch/dinner.

    With that said there are a few places that come highly recommended:
    San-chon (vegetarian/temple food) Not in Kangnam, but in Insadong
    Samwon garden (kalbi
    )Woolae Oak (kalbi)
    Gom ba wie (bbq of tripe, stomach etc) Really good if you are adventurous
    Hanmiri (traditional Korean)

    1. this is a really late reply, and hopefully you've found some decent places by now, but for bars, B-1 in itaewon and soulsome near LV in cheongdam (don't go late - it gets clubby) should have good non-soju cocktails.

      gorilla in the kitchen and neurige geokki are a bit chi-chi, but have nice garden/terraces and decent salads if you're bbq-ed out.