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Jan 28, 2008 10:29 PM

Creole / Cajun market in OC, IE, LA? (need crawfish meat too)

Hi all, I am trying to find a good Creole / Cajun market in preferably OC or IE but will go to LA if I need to. I know I can order online but would love to find a good market.
Looking for:

packaged crawfish meat
andouille sausage
zapp chips

a king cake also


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  1. I'm having a hard time finding all of this stuff too! No Creole/Cajun markets that I know of,but...
    Santa Monica Seafood has frozen crawfish (sometimes around this time they have fresh also)
    Bristol Farms has Andouille Sausage (and Tasso if you're interested)
    French's (Cupcake) Bakery on 17th Street in Costa Mesa does King Cakes to order.
    Don't know about Boudin or Zapp's though. I'll keep an eye on your post!

    1. I believe the 99 Ranch in Irvine had frozen crawfish meat.

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        Thank you.
        That french's bakery looks great. Looks like I can get crawfish meat at a Stater Bros near me (on Border Ave. in Corona) They are ordering it. Some say they can't get it, some can. One said they had it - called Langostinos which I understand to be different than crawfish. I'm a novice here, throwing my first mardi gras party and learning as I go and having fun!
        I am ordering stuff online too.
        Do the mexican bakeries make king cakes, do they taste the same?

      2. Boudin ( boodan) is a seasoned mixture of meat (pork, seafood) and rice that's cooked inside a sausage casing. You eat the boudin but usually not the casing. I love boudin.

        Boudin is hard to find in LA but they have it frozen at Huntington Meats in the Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax -- a brand named Zumo or something from Texas. HM also sells andouille.

        The New Orleans Fish Market on Vernon in/near Leimert Park carries that same Z brand and sells their own homemade crawfish boudin -- which is better. They also sell crawfish, camellia beans and spicy sausage.

        Mom's BBQ (Van Nuys) and Ragin Cajun (Redondo) sometimes sell boudin but you'd better call first.

        I'd just buy my crawfish ready to serve. In LA and OC it's best from the Boiling Crab. The reviews on this board really support BC.

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          thanks for all the info! i need crawfish meat only for etouffe.. but I'm getting it at Stater Bros. Thanks!

          1. re: soulimar

            ok update: I got my crawfish tail meat from stater bros for $9.59 per 1lb package. way cheaper than online. they ordered it for me. in case anyone else is looking for it. they also have andouille sauasge and so does henry's.

        2. You will probably have to order Zapp's and the King Cake from mail order - fast.

          The Gumbo Pages are a good start for Los Angeles

          Moon Pies mail order

          Zapps mail order

          For fresh ingredients, the Farmers market at 3rd and Fairfax - the meatmen sell sausages, tasso and giant ham hocks. a seafood purveyor specializes in new orleans ingredients.

          Whole Foods sells blue crab in envelopes.

          Good luck!