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Jan 28, 2008 08:20 PM

Back from London & Barcelona and craving their food inside SF city

I just got back spending a few weeks in London & Barcelona and I am seriously craving their little gems of food: Moslty:

1. The crispy fila Samosas found everywhere in Ldn from restaurants to cheap liqour stores (which were also hi quality and tasty)

2. Fish & chips with curry seasoning in the fish batter, great idea

3. Sasage & mash (or meat and mash)

4. The simple and inexpensive Bocadillos in Bcn that all consisted of yummy buttery Jamon Iberico on fresh perfect skinny baguttes.

5. The Paellas of course!

So please recommend me to anywhere inside SF city that offer these treats. Preferably inexpensive.


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  1. Hey dude (I always wanted to say that) inexpensive and jamon iberico are mutually incompatible. Check the price per pound.

    1. That is why one travels, not going to find the same dishes here.

      Vik's Chaat Corner in Berkeley might get your fix of Delhi Food - cheap
      Bocadillos- not cheap
      Paella- we make it so good at home no need for the medicore I have in the recent years.

      1. Curious, did you eat the fish & chips in an Indian/Pakistani restaurant or elsewhere? I've never seen fish & chips on an Indian rest. menu here; consequently, I doubt that restaurants that do serve fish & chips are going to use curry flavor. Perhaps tasty, but not what one would expect when searching for this popular British food.

        1. Food Dude, you should let us all know if you find fish and chips with Curry flavour. IMHO, traditional chippies would not use curry seasoning in the batter. In fact, let us know where you ate this creation - in London. I am there at least three times a year.

          I think the best vegetarian samosas are sold at India Cash and Carry in Sunnyvale.

          Bangers and Mash, alas .... I just think the sausages are different, way different here than across the pond.

          1. You can find pretty good bocadillos at the restaurant Bocadillos. On Monday I went to B44 with a friend from Madrid (who lives in San Francisco now) and she liked the paella there; I don't think she has liked any other versions she's tried in San Francisco.

            Not a big Spanish community here, which I think you'll see in the quality and availability of Spanish foods.

            44 Belden Place, San Francisco, CA 94104

            710 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94111