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Sep 17, 2001 02:24 AM

Bahn Mi

  • j

Recently relocated from Santa Ana where I was fortunate to be close to Little Saigon . I now live in K-TOWN , although I'm gorging on Korean beef (thank you Soot Bull) and always have enjoyed the bevy of papusarias I need a Bahn Mi and I need it now . Would like to be able walk to satisfy my need . In other words within walking distance of 8'th & Kenmore.
Thank You in advance , J

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  1. Hmm...I don't think you'll find any around there, least of all within walking distance. There are only a couple of Pho restaurants in K-town, and I think that is the extent of Vietnamese food in that area. You might have to hit Chinatown, in which case you should go to Buu Dien - 642 N Broadway # 5 Los Angeles, CA 90012 (213) 617-8355.

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      Hey kv --

      Went to Buu Dien for my 1st (but not last!) banh mi a few wks ago on the basis of your rec in another thread. Thanks -- totally great! But I have to report that it almost got me killed:

      I was happily munching my sandwich (roast pork, which was something like Vietnamese kilbasa) as I drove home, when all of the sudden I bit into one of the most searingly hot chile peppers and... tears streaming, I swerved and almost ran my car off the road!

      Next time, I'll park, then eat...