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Jan 28, 2008 07:39 PM

Georgian Deli and Russian Bakery on Geary [San Francisco]

We just returned from San Francisco, where we happened upon a Georgian deli and Russian bakery sharing a storefront. I can't remember the name of the place, but it's on North side of Geary Blvd, near 22nd Ave. There is a Wells Fargo bank with a Starbucks INSIDE it, across the street.

We sampled two wonderful salads. One was made from beets and walnuts, with a mild cheese (maybe cream cheese?) and the other was carrot and smoked salmon. Both were shaped into baseball sized balls, and garnished with a black olive. Seemed simple enough to make at home.

The other item we tried was a type of candy-pastry. It looks like a bright purple sausage, about 1" in diameter, filled with walnuts. Basically, the walnut halves were strung together and dipped into a pliable, mildly sweet beet colored taffy substance.

The owner spoke some English, but it was difficult to remember the names of the items, and find out detailed information. HELP...any information is greatly appreciated!

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  1. The name of the place is Gastronom

    They will write down the names if you ask and they are not too busy. They make a nice version of kvass, a drink made from rye bread, but tastes like apple cider.

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      could be. They're a pretty humble place, barely wide enough for the counters with a center aisle between. It also had an 1980s mauve and grey color scheme.

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        If the OP is 100% that it was on the North side of Geary, than it can not be Gastronom as it is on the South side of Geary.

        My guess it that we are talking about Moscow Tblisi Bakery as its indeed on the North at 20th Ave. and much closer to the Starbucks/Wells Fargo that was mentioned, which is located on the other side of the street and at 19th Ave.

        And, a total give away that its Moscow Tblisi is the "walnuts in grape coating on a string" thing. Gastronom definitely does not do this item.

        As a fan of the Russian bakeries out in the Richmond which include Moscow Tblisi, Gastronom, and Cinderella I would say each has their own certain item that brings me to them.

        MT - Almond Horn and Piroshki

        Gastronom - Poppyseed roll(AMAZING) and cherry and farmers cheese pastry

        Cinderella - Piroshki and Pelmeni

      2. There is also a place called Moscow & Tblisi Bakery it is on the North side of Geary, but closer to 20th.

        1. The yummy things you've tried called church-hella (I've tried my best). Fillings is of grape juice and nuts (walnuts or chestnuts). It is Caucasian candy of sort.