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Jan 28, 2008 07:39 PM

Houndish SuperBowl in Las Vegas?

My husband, who knows better, booked himself a flight to a training he wanted to attend in Salt Lake City that leaves about a half-hour before kickoff. So I want to drop him off at the airport and find somewhere to get my football fix. As you all know, I'm new to Las Vegas and haven't been invited to any parties yet. Sure, I know there are at least a dozen sports books within a mile of the airport, but I'd prefer something a little friendlier, less smoky, and of course with good chow. Any ideas???

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  1. When you check the local newspapers later this week you will find parties galore, but as a suggestion avoid the Casino sports books, which will turn into zoo's. Off-strip could depend upon your particular taste buds, but there is one sleeper that I would reccomend, ironically after dining there last night. JR's Place on South Durango is very easy from the airport (about a half mile off of the Durango exit on I-215), and the chef/owner (Susan, who learned her way around an Italian kitchen in New York) said that there will be a free buffet. The place is pretty new, and she is working on trying to build a following more on food quality than advertising and marketing, so she might put out a better spread than the usual "Big Game Buffet".

    1. it may be a zoo, but you might try the roadrunner on eastern avenue; i think the roadrunners generally have pretty tasty snacklies, and that particular one is pretty nice inside. also up that stretch of eastern is the new pin kao thai restaurant, which had very tasty food and has a plasma screen tv in the bar. If you go to the District, Al's Garage is a fun sports bar with decent burgers, etc..