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Jan 28, 2008 07:16 PM

Frozen yogurt

There is a frozen yogurt store that claims to make frozen yogurt using only skim milk and flavor extracts. Is this possible? Wouldn't they need fat or something to make it not icy and sugar to make it taste good? Has anyone made frozen yogurt with milk, if so how? I love soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt and desperately am looking for a low calorie recipe that I could make. I understand its not technically frozen yogurt since it uses milk. Thanks!

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  1. They could be using skim milk (aka "fat free) yogurt, rather than whole milk yogurt. To sweeten it they could be using Splenda, and liquid flavor extracts.

    Tasty-D is an example of soft serve frozen dessert made of from skim milk. Here is a link to their site listing ingredients:

    The corn syrup and gums give it the smooth consistency.