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Sep 16, 2001 02:34 PM

Burbank finer dining?

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Many of you may have looked at the header on this post as oxymoronic, and that's what I want to know. After doing a search on this engine, Zagat, Digital City, and CalendarLive, I am forming the notion that Burbank is devoid of slightly upscale dining experiences. OD'ing on garlic bread at the Smokehouse most decidedly DOES NOT count. Is there a place escaping my radar screen with an inventive menu, room for a party of six or so, and a wine-friendly attitude? I have a friend coming in on a stopover tomorrow night who was looking to get together. I didn't know if I had a chance in Burbank, or whether I should turn to the slightly more cosmopolitan neighbor to the east, Glendale. Timely replies are much appreciated.

Thanks, 'hounds

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  1. As long as you're at the Smokehouse, why not venture down the road a little further to Ca Del Sol or Barsac Brasserie?

    1. I haven't been there myself, but some time ago I entered notes from a review of Arbat, a Russian restaurant on San Fernando Road as "elegant, fancy drunken fun"

      Maybe this place might be a good fit. Certainly conducive to group dining.

      1. Not having been I can't vouch for their quality, but here is a suggestion.

        Piero's Seafood House, 2825 West Olive Ave. (818)-842-5159. Italian seafood is featured according to what I read. The photo of the front looked like it was more upscale. Maybe you have already been?

        1. Follow Serendipidity's advice. Get outta town! Piero's is identical to the review above for Mr. Stox-tired classics prepared by memory.

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            As long as you're getting outta town, just down the road on Cahuenga is Roma Via Paris. Definitely a trip worth taking.

          2. A report back to the hounds...

            My party and I wound up at Glendale's Blue Pyramid, and were VERY pleased. Perhaps the best spanakopita I've ever had, fresh focaccia-style bread with an astoundingly good spiced dipping oil, and two well-executed lamb entrees shared between the three of us. Though I asked ahead of time, the owner Sarkis was very willing to work with me on establishing a reasonable per-person corkage fee, as the three of us opened six bottles of da vino [hey, we lika da vino ;^) ] The service was friendly and attentive. I was originally planning on Cinnabar, also in Glendale, but they aren't open Mondays. I wouldn't hesitate recommending the BP to my fellow hounds. I do thank all who chipped in with recs, as I will surely put them to future use.


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              I do hope you took a cab home.

              1. re: alexis

                Mind you, I said "opened", not "finished". There was a good deal of wine left, and we took home several partially full bottles. Based on what we did consume, I'd say each of us had less than three full glasses. The point of our dinners is really tasting, not drinking.

                1. re: Kriss

                  Interesting.... a bunch of friends went over to Blue Pyramid a month earlier and we brought our own bottles too. They neglected to add on the corkage so we just padded the tip.

                  Actually, their wine list is far from run-of-the-mill... moderately priced with good choices like Brander's sauv. blancs and even A Mano, a terrific QPR primitivo. Next time i won't bother to bring my own!

                  1. re: Mark

                    This was specifically a BYO, but you're right. I wouldn't feel stuck at all ordering from their list in the future. They're clearly willing to think outside the chard-cab-merlot box. I tip my hat to them on that count, as well as their great food.

                    1. re: Kriss

                      Speaking of boxes, has anyone come up with good vino in a box? Or, is that an oxymoron?