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Jan 28, 2008 06:42 PM

Dinner for 4 in Soho, Tribeca or Village Saturday night...

We'd like to take some friends to dinner on Saturday as a thank you. They live in Brooklyn so Lower Manhattan is best. Looking for a place that is very tasty, nice ambience but not over the top pricewise. I know this is very general but any suggestions are welcome.

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  1. I would have suggested Perilla, but I checked opentable and they are booked for this Saturday (assuming you mean THIS Saturday). Crispo is great but a little noisy. Chow Bar might be fun. Or Snack Taverna. Saturdays tend to book up well in advance, so you will need to decide quickly or eat very early or late.

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      Might be worth a call to Perilla as sometimes opentable availability is controlled/restricted by the restaurant.

      Another place we've enjoyed and fits the OP's interest is Hearth on E12th & 1st Ave.

    2. Alfama (Portuguese) - nice wine list, decent prices, delicious food and not very loud. I also love Malatesta - super cheap and delish, but I don't think they take reservations and it could get noisy. Amy @

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        AOC Bedford has a nice feel and a solid menu. i might also suggest Po in the West Village. i believe that Kingswood is in the West village and is getting some nice reviews.

      2. Market Table. Great food great prices. Mike Price is the chef, tell him Aaron sent you. He's a great guy and chef.

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          1. 'inoteca in the lower east side.
            great food, good prices, fun atmosphere

            Landmarc in tribeca.
            all around good.