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After work drinks/food in SoHo/NoLita - help!

I need to organize a party for my last day at work on Friday. I was thinking Puck Fair because they have food, and will give us a room--though I'm not crazy about the pub atmosphere. I like Botanica on Houston Street, but they have no food.

Anyone know of a relatively inexpensive bar that's cute with good atmosphere, room for about 20-something coworkers to come in around 5:30 on a friday, and food?

Any help is appreciated!


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    1. Botanica has a collection of menus from all the restaurants in the neighborhood so you can get food delivered. I've done this before and it works out pretty well because you can get a nice selection from the area. Cuban from Cafe Habana, pizza from Little Frankie's etc, etc.

      1. It's been awhile since I have been there, but we used to go to Telephone (2nd Ave/9th St.) for large after work groups since they had a decent private room you could book. They also had decent food, and a happy hour at that time. Again it's been awhile...

        1. obivia is a chic and fun spot to have a going away party. they also have food. it's on layfayette/kenmare. they have happy hour till 8!

          1. we typically do Puck Faiir for those types of situs as well, but i understand. maybe the downstairs there is better for you if all else fails?

            maybe Nolita House will let you reserve part of it/front section?
            or what about Lure- maybe they can reserve that front lounge section for you?
            there's that Laila lounge up on bleecker off of b'way though i've never been.

            and what about the Bleecker w. of Laguardia strip? I know it's NYU-y and youngish, but there is a lot over there. Maybe you can reserve seats or the upstairs area at 1849 perhaps? they have great wings, good bar food & specials (inexpensive)!

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              I second Nolita House. They have a 2 for 1 happy hour every day from 5-7 and their food is pretty good.

            2. How about O"Neals Grand Street or Fanelli's? Ken's Broome Street Bar may work too??

              1. Thanks for your help, everyone!

                1. I am a fan of Lure fishbar's happy hour, mostly for their dollar oysters. They have drink specials there too, which also make it worthwhile. I believe the happy hour lasts til 7 but I recommend that you get there early because it gets packed quickly.

                  1. I like Cafe Noir after work. Depending on how many people, Bread is good if you're eating. Ther's a couple places on Elizabeth that I like- intimate little bistro places with great drinks. I wish I knew the names. I like 8 mile creek too. Fanelli's can be fun too.