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Jan 28, 2008 05:48 PM


My sister-in-law is coming to LA next weekend and staying at the renaissance on highland. she wants some good not too-too expensive but nice places to eat. i told her Brasserie Vert cuz it's right there in the hollywood highland center but i havent been to any other places there.
does anyone have any recomendations? she and her friend wont have a car so nothing too far...

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  1. Unfortunately Vert closed its doors about a month ago.

    If they take the redline subway (for which there is a stop at Hollywood and Highland) East a mile to Hollywood and Vine and then walk a block and half south they will come to The Hungry Cat. A great little Hollywood restaurant featuring seafood and a great drinks list.

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      thanks for the heads up on vert. thats too bad. i actually remembered hungry cat wasnt too far right after i posted last. haha. i love that place. one time i went there and they had an oyster po' boy as a special. it was delicious

    2. You can try 25 DEGREES and DAKOTA, both walking distance and both decent. Hollywood and Highland is ALL that's wrong with gentrification.... there is NOTHING there for anyone who lives in the neighborhood (like us). Vert was passable, barely... and now that's gone...

      1. I agree, Dakota is probably the best place around Hollywood and Highland. Hell, just go down to the Fresh and Easy at the old Galaxy Theater down the street, get yourself a nice packaged meal and stroll along the Walk of Fame.

        1. Although not at all cheap, the Grill at hollywood and highland is very good.

          1. Musso & Frank's is a couple of blocks East of Hollywood & Highland. Varying opinions hereabouts (I like it), but stick to the grill, flannel cakes and/or martinis and you can't go wrong. Medium-to-pricey (pricey by my standards; medium for most of the high-rollers on this board!). Oldest restaurant in Hollywood.

            Plus, the subway mentioned above will take your friends to Union Station, downtown. A trip in itself, and a block or so from Philippe's and Olvera Street.