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Jan 28, 2008 05:35 PM

casual rehearsal dinner in York-Portsmouth area

Hi, I'm looking for a place for a casual rehearsal dinner in the York, Maine Portsmouth, NH area for about 60 people. It could be a room in a restaurant or a rental hall where I would have to have a caterer come in. Thanks.

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  1. With 60 people, you would almost need a banquet hall or something large - like Cliff House or Harborside (Formerly the Stage Neck).

    If you want fun - sports bar, pizza, pub style - then definitely call Fazio's in York - also the Inn the Blue's might be able to host - you would basically rent them out.

    Lastly, the Dockside is in York.

    Now if you come south - then you have places like Redhook can handle 60 people, Gasligth might be able to do it - especially if you did it upstairs and then could have the dancefloor, etc.

    I would call the Chamber Of Commerce for Portsmouth and York - they have a meeting planner guide which might give you a bunch of good leads.

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      thanks for the ideas...I'll check with the Chamber!!!

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        Philly- Fazzios is awesome- I drive there 4hrs annually!

    2. Both my daughters got married in Maine. One got married at nubble light and had her reception at the york harbor inn. I give it a 5 star rating because the staff is superior and food is good. The other got married and had her reception at clay hill farm in cape neddick. I also give 5 stars to clay hill for the same reasons. Both places are pricy, but well worth it. Cliff house and stage neck were very difficult to work with, so I do not recommend either. good lock philly