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Jan 28, 2008 05:09 PM

KC- laid back - not barbecue

I have a friend coming to town and am looking for suggestions for a fun, laid-back place with good food. She is not an adventurous eater and is from Alabama so I do not want to give her barbecue. Any suggestions?

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  1. I always like to go to Carmen's in Brookside on these nights. Pretty laid back (though you often have to wait 20 min on weekends for a table-no reservations). Food is great, relatively casual, not overly expensive. Great place altogether... Prob depends on what location in the city you will be looking though as i'm sure that will factor into your decision. One thing about KC is there seems to be a lot of laid back places with good food.

    1. Oh I totally second Carmen's- had my first experience there this weekend. I would also suggest Seven downtown, they have some normal stuff and it's a cool space.
      Bulldog in the Crossroads is actually very good, and they have a large the menu Sometimes they have slow service :(

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        I've heard good things about Seven, but is it laid-back? I was under the impression it's fairly upscale. We thought about going a couple Friday's ago after work but heard we'd be greatly under-dressed in fairly casual clothes. Would love to hear more.

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          I have eaten there at lunch and dinner in either business casual or nice jeans and dressy shirt. Later at night the clubbing crowd tends to dress up a little more, but I guess it's less upscale than like Michael Smith's or 1924 Main. Just my thoughts. Although the menu online might not look really impressive, the food is actually a lot better than it appears.

      2. i'll 'third' the carmen's rec- its one of my fav go-to places. My meal there this past Saturday was great- again. Other places that fit your parameters might be
        The Drop
        La Bodega

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          La Bodega is a great choice -- if you get tapas, you can get a range of adventure levels to suit all comers (catch that Spanish pun?).

        2. Would Dumplings be too adventurous? We always take out of towners to Dim Sum on Sunday morning at Bo Lings - it's great - and a wide variety of items. It's fun too - where else does someone push a huge cart of food directly to you and give you what you want?
          It's definitely laid back on Sunday morning. We go to the one on the Plaza.

          1. Dont know what part of KC you are looking at, but Cantina #1 Corona at The Legends was really good, laid back and had a fun atmosphere. I also like Yardhouse out there.