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Nashua, NH - best chinese? Lilac Blossom or San Francisco Kitchen or ?

Looking for great chinese - I think I heard Lilac Blossom was awesome but can't find that thread about Nashua. I thought there was another one in Nashua that lots love. Anyone?

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  1. Is this the your post you were looking for?

    Chen Yang Li has closed and been replaced by:


    I went last week for lunch and it was okay. Now I'm not very adventurous so not a good one to go by. I ahd to ask for the lunch menu, and there was only one other person there at 1:00. No one sitting at the shushi bar, and then about two more table came in before we left. I thought it was a bit odd. But I have seen a few other restaurants come and go in that spot over the years, so maybe it is the location, although anything but a chain on 101A is welcomed by me.

    I like both Lilac Blossom and SanFrancisco, but I like the staff at San Francisco. We go often enough that both Stephanie the owner and Sebastian come over to us to say hello and make sure things are okay, they do that to everyone even if they are first time customers. Have not tried it yet but have heard and read good things about the somewhat new Shabu Shabu room.

    Their website needs some updating which I may mention next time I go which will be soon as my husband loves the Sesame encrusted rare tuna w/ cranberry cabernet sauce and has mentioned it lately. I've tried to duplicate it, but haven't gotten the sauce down yet.

    When we're there a lot of people come and sit at the counter for sushi and many sushi plates pass by our table.

    Hope you get the answers you are looking for.

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      Funny, that was MY thread but couldn't find it when I searched. Thanks for the response - maybe we'll try San Fran - some of us coming from the south, I'm working in Manch til 7 so Nashua seemed the best location is we want to eat at decent hour.

    2. Sichuan Gourmet in Billerica is far superior to anything in Nashua, though Lilac Blossom on Spit Brook Rd is a beautiful space with pretty good food. We enjoyed SF Kitchen for shabu shabu--the place hops on the weekend--groovy bar scene.

      1. Im not a fan of either. Lilac blossom is ok for americanized basics but the service everytime i have been there has been horribly bad. Not because it was busy either. Just slow and no attention. Nice building though.

        SFK i dont even considor chinese, more of fusion or something else. "east meets west" as they say.. I have not been thrilled with the food. Too wanna be trendy, fusion for my liking, whatevers popular at the time be it sushi, hot pot,etc... I ordered the hot&sour soup once it was red with zuchini in it! Its fine for what it is i guess, but not what i want when i crave "great chinese food" as your looking for.

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          and, so where is your great chinese when you crave? Wish I could get to whs's recommendation in Billerica - I have read lots about that. Maybe even the new Fung Shui in Chelmsford if I can hussle down from Manch. in decent time.

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            Unfourtantly i have not had any in Nashua. I tend to go to the vietnamese noodle house when in town for dinner. There is a thai place on a side street (forget the name) that was decent too.

            SG is excellent as WHS suggests.

            If i had to pick between the 2 id go with lilac blossom

            1. re: hargau

              I don't know, service is my pet peeve - will just ruin my whole night, regardless of how great the food is. "finding hospitality" - that's my moto!

              1. re: lexpatti

                maybe i hit it on bad nights i dunno!
                I found the service at SFK very good, im just not a fusion type i guess.

          2. re: hargau

            I've never had any problems with Lilac Blossom's service and I've been there more times than I can count. In fact it's usually excellent.

          3. not a fan of Sushi at SFK. bland, boring and safe for the Philistines.

            1. Hey, how about South Garden in Merrimack? I haven't been, but they have dim sum and offer items like chicken feet and tripe, so they might be a little more authentic.

              For Peking duck we go to Chen Yang Li in Bedford.

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                Ooooh, do they have dim sum on the carts (South G)? Love that.

                1. re: lexpatti

                  It's been a while since I've been, but at South Garden IIRC, you order your Dim Sum from the kitchen. No carts unfortunately. Also I believe they only serve it at lunch.

                  1. re: rcianci

                    Here's an article from today's Nashua Telegraph about the dim sum at South Garden: http://www.nashuatelegraph.com/apps/p...

              2. Thanks all, we've decided against Chinese and do tepanyaki table at Tokyo Steak House. It will be easier to keep on track with this new Weight Watchers philosophy. Particularly since we are also dining out Sat. and Superbowl on Sunday. Weigh in might not be fun. Sat. night is thai so that's a given - high points nights. portion control will be key!!!

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                1. re: lexpatti

                  Two other teppanyaki places to consider in Nashua are Takumi and Mikata. Tokyo always struck me as a little run down and depressing.

                  We're doing WW at our house too. Chinese is definitely NOT points friendly and I'm regretting that second slice of barbecue chicken pizza last night!

                  1. re: whs

                    awesome thanks, I'll check out those two. I'm having fun with recipes for WW, I love to cook/eat out. That place in concord, Granite Restaurant, was extremely ww friendly (depending on how you ordered). So was Surf. Of course I could live on shellfish (great on ww). I'm marinating shrimp right now with hot sauce (not with butter) and hoping it turns out great for buffalo shrimp (broiled).

                    1. re: whs

                      We ended up at Takumi. Loved it but our chef must have been learning, he really messed up on the show, missing things, dropping utensils, etc. This was great for Weight Watchers though, got shrimp and scallops and ate sparingly on the fried rice. He kind of messed up with timing of the food too - but I'll chauk that up for his newness. Drinks were great, freshness of food was great.

                      After eating out Fri & Sat nite, Superbowl on Sunday and lunch with a friend on Monday - I did good by losing 1 lb. this week. :-) Good choices.

                      1. re: lexpatti

                        I have never been to one of those things where the timing was right. You always end up eating all shrimp, then all mushrooms and zuchini, then at the end you get a pile of beansprouts! Fun for the show with kids or a large group but really not what i considor decent food. And always a horrible value in terms of what you actually get to eat.

                        1. re: hargau

                          That's funny, I've never had bad timing. This time though, we got our shrimp (app) and our main meats, then a long wait, then rice, then really long wait, then vegies (that were sitting on the grill that whole time, now very soggy and cooked to death). I don't mind the price, I love the salad and soup - but your right, paying for a show mostly. The one on Rt. 38 in Tewksbury is really good.