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Sep 14, 2001 10:55 AM

Bombay Cafe

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Just trying to get back to some semblance of normality we went to the Bombay Cafe last night. For those who have not been it is 1 block east of Bundy on the north side of Pico. This is a neighborhood place for us. We go maybe once a month. Last night we both had the Thali dinner, which gives you a choice of two vegetarian dishes and is served with a couple of side dishes, basmati rice, and a nice pile of nan, all for $12. The dinner comes on a big round stainless steel sort of plate with high sides, and most of the little dishes are in small individual stainless cups. I tried the eggplant deva, sauteed japanese eggplant with a very tasty sauce on top and the mushroom curry, which is mild and absolutely delicious. My wife had the mushroom curry too, and the green beans, (which to my taste was not that exciting, sort of like a green bean salad with the beans cut into small pieces). The side dishes were a lentil dish with spices and a diced cucumber and tomatoe salad, sort of like a Greek Tzatziki (sp?), along with a very good garlicky yogurt sauce. My wife also ordered a side of tandoori chicken, which was a little on the dry side, but when you wrap it up in some nan and throw some sauce on, it was quite tasty. We both came away very happy, very full and vowing to come back sooner than a month to eat this again. With my large Taj Mahal beer, one coke and the side chicken dish the total came to $49 plus tip. If you are on the westside and are in the mood for Indian food, you won't go wrong at the Bombay Cafe, (I am thinking about a great big bowl of the mushroom curry with a side of nan as I type this and just trying to keep the drool out of the keyboard is an effort).

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  1. If your entrees were $12 each, how much was the side of chicken or the beer to run the tab to $49 pre-tip? Seemed a little expensive to me, especially so since I was used to the prices at their old SM Blvd location. But I am sure the food was good.

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      I think they are trying to come up with a much bigger monthly lease cost in this space. I think the chicken side dish was $8 and my wife, the upgrade queen, got garlic nan instead of the plain nan, which was a little more. My beer was $6. It always adds up quicker than I can believe, and yet when I go over the bill it is usually correct, (which it was in this case). My final feeling is, do I feel that the food was worth the money. In this case the answer was a resounding yes.

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        Great call. Bombay Cafe and La Talpa - Pico seems like home.

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          Pico is a restaurant row of generally high standards with modest tabs, relatively any way. Is Tiapazola Grill on Gateway, just south of Pico, as good as I have heard? I love the Talpa and will venture from the Valley any time someone suggests it. Likewise, Guelaguetza on Palms. Love a few more reasons to traverse the 405 parking lot, not just for work.

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            I first started going to Tlapazola Grill a day or two after they opened. It caught on pretty quickly. The food is quite good, I especially like their chicken soup and the sand dabs when they have them are one of their best dishes. I can't think of anything I have tried that I didn't like. They feature many different sauces that you won't find at most other restaurants. They catered a wedding that I went to, and that was wonderful food as well. Plus the guy's who work there are really nice people. Go and enjoy.

    2. The last time I went to Bombay Cafe, I took some leftover palek paneer home. While spooning it out the next day, I found a throughly stewed small cockroach in it. It was pretty gross considering I had already eaten the bulk of palek paneer. All I can say is at least it was cooked.

      I love the food there, and eventually I will go back, but I still need another couple months for the memory to recede.. :)

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        Did you get in on the recent thread on the General Topics board started by Wendy Lai "really wired (sic) food, would you try it?". Sounds like you already have. ;-)

      2. i prefer Nawab (1621 Wilshire around 18th). it doesn't have a bar or mixed drinks, but i think the food's better than bombay and i've never had to wait. any lamb is good and i really enjoy the tomato and cream sause (e.g. chicken tikka masala or prawn makhanwala).