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Jan 28, 2008 05:00 PM

Reasonably-priced DC steakhouse

I'm looking for suggestions on a DC steakhouse. There will be two of us for dinner on a Sunday night. We won't have a car in the city, so we'll either be taking a cab or the metro. (We're staying near 14th & H.) This will be an anniversary surprise, so I'd like a pretty nice ambience, but nothing overly fancy (shirt & tie, jacket optional, if possible). An optimal price range would be around $30 / entree. I've looked at a lot of places, but most don't show prices, and I've heard varying reviews on most of them. We have a Ruth's Chris nearby, so probably not that one.

Thanks !!

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  1. do a search on this board, there are tons of steakhouse debates. there's almost universal agreement that the best bang for your buck is ray's the steaks in NoVA. i'm not sure how close it is to a metro, but their sister restaurant, ray's the classics is just a few blocks from the silver spring metro.

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      RTC is closed on Sundays, I believe. It's RTS that you want.

      1. re: MartyL

        By the last few months of 2007, RTC was serving dinner daily. I'm not sure if, after the 2 week hiatus early this month, they again opened 7 days, or reverted back their previous "closed Sunday" or "closed Sunday/Monday" status.

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        Ray's the Steaks is between the Rosslyn and Courthouse metro stops.

      3. I've looked through the other posts, and I think the thing that I'm wondering about most is the price. Most of these upscale restaurants don't post their prices, and I don't want something too cheap or too expensive.

        1. This is not a hard core DC steakhouse, but they do have great fare. I had a pretty decent ribeye the last time I was there, although it's not on the menu anymore. It's been replaced by a grilled tenderloin. This place is a short walk from where you are staying (assume Grand Hyatt).

          Another place within walking distance is Les Halles.

          1. The major steakhouses in DC are, in no particular order:

            Capitol Grille
            The Palm
            BLT Steak
            Ruth's Chris
            Bobby Van's
            Charlie Palmer Steak
            Prime Rib (jacket required)

            At these places, a steak will generally cost around $40, and will be served a la carte. So factoring in appetizer, sides and/or wine, you're looking at a pretty expensive meal. Of the ones that I listed, my personal favorites are Cap Grille, Prime Rib and Charlie Palmer.

            If you're looking for something a little less expensive you have a few options. One is Fogo de Chao, which is located at 11th & Penn in DC. It's an all you can eat Brazilian style churrascuria. The meat is very good. I'm not positive but I believe it's $40 per person for dinner, which includes salad bar.

            If you're willing to venture outside the city then check out Ray's the Steaks in Arlington. Steaks will generally run about $10 cheaper than at the big DC steakhouses and will come with side dishes. The quality is just as good if not better. The downside is that Ray's is always crowded and doesn't take reservations, so you will invariable have a long wait. Also, Ray's doesn't offer much in the way of ambiance. But the steaks are good.

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              FWIW, Fogo de Chao is $50/person, not $40.

              Also, if you consider the Ray's location in Silver Spring (2 blocks from Metro), they take reservations. And while the decor is not "clubby steakhouse", there is certainly more ambiance than the Arlington storefront.

            2. Jaydreb good post.

              I agree that cheapest and IMO best quality of the big DC places is Ray's, but you might not want to go there since no reservations, there is usually a wait. The ambiance is minimal, but I have never minded. We get a bottle of wine while we are waiting and the steak is worth it for me.

              Of the above list Prime Rib is probably on the cheaper side of the list and is a nicer atmosphere, jacket is required. They have prices on their website.

              I have had very good meals at Charlie Palmer, but lately some people have posted threads about service issues while others have said everything was perfect when they went I haven't been in a couple months. It also has a nice atmosphere and good view.

              BLT is kind of known for bad service and is very pricey. Although me saying this might cause a big storm of comments. There is a fairly recent thread on it which drew some heated debate.

              I don't think Morton's downtown has great atmosphere, it is more of a business lunch/dinner type of place, but not bad. If I was going to spend that much I would rather go to the Palm, or Capital Grille.

              I have not had good experiences at Bobby Vann's although I don't see much talk on here about it, I don't go there often so it could have been a couple time thing.

              The Ruth Chris in Crystal City actually has a pretty nice view of the city and might not be a bad choice if none of the other places thrill you.