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Jan 28, 2008 05:00 PM

huge-portion challenge places in our area?

seeing the recent Diner Drive in and Dive thread made me think, are there places in DC-Balto that serve the gigantic portion that you get for free if you finish it in one sitting, maybe even get your name on a plaque on their wall, or something like that?

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  1. I think Shula's Steak House used to do that. I'm not sure how many ounce the steak was (48, maybe?), but I think the deal was that if you ate it and all the sides in the allotted time, the *second* steak was free. So you had to either go with a friend or like leftovers. I think at the time, they did put your name on a plaque.

    When Uno's first came to Georgetown many years ago in the early days of that franchise chain, they had an additional size of pan pizza that was a few inches bigger in diameter than today's largest. They had a deal that if you could eat it, it was free. I came with in one slice, and the waitress commented that at the rate I was eating, she was surpised I couldn't finish. I told her that there was no question I could finish it, but for me, the point was to enjoy the pizza, and I knew myself well enough to know that one more slice would push me from enjoying a meal I paid for to not enjoying a meal I got for free. To me it wasn't worth it.

    Actually, in most of the deals like this I've come across, the fine print made the deal not worth it *to me*, but I suppose that if one was motivated by the "accomplishment", it might hold some appeal. I already know I'm capable of eating huge quantities (and deal with the resulting food budget!), so the "challenge" aspect doesn't do much for me. YMMV

    1. Can't think of any freebies, but the Cheeburger Cheeburger chain will put your Polaroid on the wall if you finish one of their 20-ounce pounders. And apparently it's not that hard to do, the walls are littered with pics.

      And to further encourage obesity among our youth, kids can have their pics on the wall if they finish one of the smaller sizes (10 oz. I think).

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        There is Chubby's, a pizza/sub type shop in Perry Hall, MD on Belair Road. They have a huge Chubby burger for $20. If you finish it, they put your polaroid up with your name and how long it took you to finish. Be warned, I hear the burger itself isn't anything to write home about as far as quality and taste.

        I have also heard Cluck U Chicken in Towson has a Wall of Fame for those who can finish a entire order of their hottest chix wings, with out a drink.

        1. re: tubman

          I did the Cheeburger Cheeburger thing a couple years ago. You have to finish the onion rings and fries too, but it really wasn't that hard.

          I'm not much of a trencherman (anymore), nor obese (6'1, 179 as of this morning), but this was no biggie. I'm known more as a speed-eater. At a banquet a few years ago, I apparently finished my plate so fast that when another guy at our table saw it, he started laughing so hard that his whole head turned bright red from holding it in and he had to run out into the hallway.

          1. re: Bob W

            I, too, am known for eating quickly (some would say much too quickly). I had been told once that this is deemed by some to be a sign of insecurity - eating quickly lest it be taken away from you. But I was exposed to a new spin on it recently when a lovely lady friend commented that I might want to slow down, because some people think that it one feels the need to get the meal over with so quickly, one may have the same tendencies in satisfying other appetites. That was a new bit of "folk wisdom" (or pop psychology) to me!

            Steering somewhat back to the original thread, there's a related issue to the "huge portion challenge". Some places have the same item either as a dinner, or as an "all you can eat" dinner at a higher price point. It might be interesting to note places that do this, and determine which ones have the lowest "break even" point for the AYCE option.

            Of course, in some cases, the wait staff prove to be helpful co-conspirators. At one such place, my mother could not decide which to choose, and the waitress simply smiled and said that she'd submit it to the kitchen as a regular dinner, but that if Mom wanted more, the waitress could switch it to the AYCE.

            1. re: Warthog

              Atami in Clarendon years ago had AYCE MTO sushi for $24.95. That was a good deal, obviously, since you could hit that ordering sushi a la carte pretty darn quickly.

              Nowadays most AYCE sushi is buffet style, but even at those places you can often something that you don't see on the buffet.

              PS LOL regarding the folk wisdom/pop psychology!

        2. I was told that if you beat the record for most Cheesesteaks in one sitting at MaGerks in Federal Hill, you get one free cheesesteak (per day) for life until someone else beats your record.

          I believe the record stands at 6...

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          1. re: MarcDC

            You get the free cheesesteak assuming, of course, you're still alive to collect it.

            Unless something drastic has happened in the last month, it looks like the record is four.